Johnny Depp Feared Tom Hanks Would Take Over His Role In 'Edward Scissorhands'

Nagini Shree |Dec 04, 2018

"It was one of the most frightening moments in my career," the star once reminisced.

An interview with the Jonny Depp from 1999 has recently resurfaced and Depp said that he was afraid that he was going to be taken over by Tom Hanks from the holiday classic, Edward Scissorhands.

Directed by Tim Burton, the 1990 dark fantasy film starred Johnny Depp as an artificial man with sad-eyed, eyebrowless – and blessed with a terrifying array of razor-sharp blades instead of hands. The film went on to be a box office success and helped to make Depp and his co-star Winona Ryder big stars. And it was regarded as a cult film by connoisseurs and movie buffs.

Speaking with Charlie Rose in that interview, the star said that though he loved working with director Tim Burton, he always had the feeling of insecurity. Depp was confident that he was going to be fired off Edward Scissorhands and lost his role to Tom Hanks as Tim Burton would rehearse the rest of the cast without him.

Depp explained:

Screenshot 13

Charlie Rose can't believe what he's hearing but Depp insisted that it's true and said: "I swear to you." He recalled an incident when shooting for Edward Scissorhands: one afternoon there were two young girls knocking on the door, at first he thought they found him and asked for his signature. However, it turned out that the two girls wanted to ask for Tom Hanks. Johnny Dept shared that:

Screenshot 12

Since Edward Scissorhands, the actor has continued to collaborate with Tim Burton for some notable projects include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Hollow, and others.


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