Joe Jonas Helped Fiancee Sophie Turner Through Earlier "Identity Crisis"

Kanchana Ngan |Mar 11, 2019

Few may know that the happy couple came closer when Joe Jonas used to be Sophie Turner's motivation to overcome her "Identity crisis" earlier.

All three men of Jonas Brothers have found their ideal destinations. Kevin and Nick tied the knot with Danielle Deleasa and Priyanka Chopra, respectively. Meanwhile, although the duo hasn't get married yet, Joe Jonas is enjoying a happy life with his fiancee Sophie Turner.

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Everybody can see an affectionate couple cuddling each other every time everywhere now, but few may know they did go through a tough period before. Sophie once confessed to Glamour UK that she had immense difficulties earlier when doubting her own identity. And it was no other than Joe who helped her overcome this crisis.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner
The couple at Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. (Photo Credit: Getty).

According to Sophie Turner, for such a long time did she have no real sense of herself. Being stuck in the same situation many stars may suffer, the supermodel tried to live for others, to please the public or meet the audiences' expectations without knowing what she truly wished to become. Under all kinds of stress and pressure, she was forced to grow up faster than she should have done.

The publication released on Thursday 7 March also mentioned that Sophie didn't have a chance to experience university life or merely enjoying much time with friends. "So for a while, I kept thinking, ‘Who am I?’", she shared, making everyone heart-breaking.

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner 2
Sophie Turner on Glamour's cover. Picture Credit: Us Weekly.

Then not until Joe Jonas appeared was she able to go through that symptom. How did happiness come to her? For Sophie, it's merely the time side by side with her other half, who gives her all of his heart, loves her unconditionally, even more than how much he loves himself. It is the motivation from the fiance that she was encouraged to find who she was, to identify her true personalities and characteristics. "That was probably the biggest thing that pushed me to find who I am," the star happily smiled.

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The two first met each other at a Halloween party in October 2016. Rapidly falling in love, they were later seen being together at a Kings of Leon's concert in Rotterdam, Netherlands, when the public found out their intimate relationship. Almost a year from that time, their engagement was informed on social media by themselves, which tightly confirmed their love ever after. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are planning for a marriage shortly.


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