Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Jennifer Esposito Leaves Sly Comment On His Oscars Stage With Lady Gaga

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 26, 2019

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga has been the topic of the town due to their Oscars steamy performance. His ex-wife Jennifer Esposito seems to enjoy the scene.


Recently, people have been curious about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's relationship, wondering if they really have a whirlwind romance. It is understandable for fans to have such thoughts, as the lead actor and actress from A Star Is Born had such an intimate performance. They had electrifying eye-contact, got too close together while singing Shallow. Furthermore, Bradly Cooper's ex-wife seems to enjoy his post-Oscars situation at the moment.

Jennifer Esposito had been Bradley Cooper's wife for five months before they quickly divorced in 2007. She once again gained attention from the public after her comment below a joke related to Cooper and Gaga's chemistry in Oscars 2019. David Spade posted a photo captured their steamy performance of Shallow, saying

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Jennifer Esposito Tweet1

This is not the first time that Esposito spills the beans about her ex-husband. Before, she already called him a "master manipulator." The actress explained that she knew that there were red flags right from the start, but she chose to ignore them.

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Also, she revealed that Cooper also had a cold side. According to Esposito, Cooper's mood changes now and then.

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Gaga And Cooper

On another side, Cooper's current girlfriend Irina Shayk seems to be unbothered by her boyfriend's chemistry with the American Horror Story actress. Based on a source, Shayk knew that all of those things were just simply for the performance. She knew Cooper and Gaga are artists, and that was what they should do on stage.

Irina Shayk also did not have any problems with Lady Gaga either. After receiving Best Original Song that night, Gaga was even given a friendly hug by Cooper's beautiful girlfriend. The model was truly happy for both of her boyfriend and Gaga's success with A Star Is Born.

After two years of being with Christian Carino, Lady Gaga eventually broke up with her fiance this month.


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