Hollywood Superstars' Daughters All Grown Up: How Charming They Are Now

Rose Advani |Sep 24, 2019

Just attending with their parents at big events, the daughters of Hollywood stars now become fabulous girls. Kaia Gerber and the daughter of the "Fast & Furious" late star Paul Walker shine among.

Getting better known as the daughters of Hollywood stars, all celebrity kids give the public as many attentions as their parents do. Since being the lovely kids, they now become the girls with glorious beauty, full of attractions, separated from their parents, and confidently follow their success path.

These Hollywood daughters mentioned below are amazing examples for the daughters, was born to be celebrities, more mature, more beautiful.

Meadow Walker - The daughter of Paul Walker

Hollywood daughters
Paul Walker and his lovely daughter - Meadow Walker

None of us gets no information about the fabulous actor Paul Walker with a series of the blockbuster film Fast & Furious. After the talented actor passed away for an accident car traffic, Paul’s daughter suffered a lot and kept her special love for her deceased dad always. The love of Meadow to her dad gave the audience respect and affection.

Since she was a little child, Meadow possessed the chestnut hair and a beautiful face that grabbed any attention of the public. She was the love symbol of Paul Walker and his long-lasting girlfriend, Rebecca Soteros.

Hollywood daughters
Meadow owns a glorious beauty when growing up

When growing up, Meadow is no longer a chubby kid with a lovely face; she becomes a pretty girl with glorious beauty. Meadow Walker owns standard measurements which are potential for a professional model. Undoubtedly, she stands out in the model world with her exceptional beauty and quickly affirms her position in this complicated industry.

Hollywood daughters
Meadow Walker owns standard measurements of a professional model

Paris Jackson - The daughter of Michael Jackson

As the daughter of the King of Pop, the legend of the world music Michael Jackson, Paris always stands out the crowd when appearing with her legendary father.

Michael Jackson tenderly picked up his daughter
Michael Jackson tenderly picked up his daughter

Paris owns eyes with a unique colour - pale blue colour, which gives her a different look among other beauties. When growing up, though his legend father passed away, Paris Jackson still gets great attention from the public because of both her beauty and her big influential Dad Michael Jackson. She becomes a talented actress with her featured movie Gringo (2018).

Hollywood daughters
Paris Jackson owns a unique colour of her eyes - pale blue

Kaia Gerber - The daughter of Cindy Crawford

Hollywood daughters
Kaia Gerber - A lovely child on Cindy's arm

Cindy Crawford was one of the most popular supermodels in the 80s. Basing on her successful modelling career, Cindy also was best known for her acting career in some Hollywood films and join some famous TV shows. Inheriting the genre from her beautiful mom, Kaia Gerber owns the perfect height at the age of 18 - 1,75 meter and the jealous beauty.

Kaia Gerber - Hollywood daughters
Kaia Gerber - the daughter of the supermodel Cindy Crawford

Though she was an 18- year old girl, Kaia Gerber put a record in the fashion world by joining the fashion world soon. Anyone when looking at Kaia Gerber must admit that her spirit is as fabulous as his mother. Possessing a beautiful face, a tall and slender body, Kaia is rated as a potential supermodel expected as successful as her mom in the previous time.

Hollywood daughters
Both Cindy and Kaia looks fabulous in this shoot

Lily Beckinsale - The daughter of Kate Beckinsale

Mentioning to the prettyish of Hollywood daughters, the list must have Lily Beckinsale, the daughter of the leading actress in Pearl Harbor Kate Beckinsale. Possessing the beauty from her mom, Lily attracts the audience by her pure, innocent beauty.

Hollywood daughters
Lily went skating with her mom, Kate Beckinsale

For a long time, Lily Beckinsale has ever been hot with her innocent beauty and distinctive spirit. Distinguished to any attractions, her big eyes, thin lips, and slender face make Lily get the public’s affection. The audience gets a strong impression of the difference between Lily and her mom.

Hollywood daughters
Lily and Kate Beckinsale attended an event

Her beauty will give her lots of opportunities in the acting career and promised for a success path like her mother or evenly goes beyond.

Hollywood daughters
Lily attracts everyone by her big eyes, thin lips, and slender face

Liv Freundlich - The daughter of Julianne Moore

 Julianne Moore is the legendary Hollywood movie industry. She had many leading roles in a series of blockbuster movies as Short Cuts, Safe, Jurassic Park, etc. The actress had a daughter named Liv Freundlich. Liv is a 17-year-old girl who possesses a glorious beauty.

Hollywood daughters
Both Liv Freundlich and Julianne Moore looks fabulous in this shoot

When she attended the event with her mom when he was a little princess, she was praised by her beauty like her mom, especially, the unique brown hair.

Lily Freundlich - The daughter of Julianne Moore
Lily Freundlich with her innocent beauty - The daughter of Julianne Moore

Ireland Baldwin - The daughter of Alec Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of the renowned couple Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, the younger brother of Hailey Baldwin. As a little child, Ireland Baldwin owned the unique beauty of an American girl with her golden hair and attractive blue eyes.

Hollywood daughters
Ireland Baldwin attended an event with her father Alec Baldwin

Baldwin officially joined in the model world in 2013. She started her modelling career with the contract of swimsuit shoot. Since then, she is becoming more and more popular and regularly presented on the cover of many prestigious fashion magazines.

 Ireland Baldwin - Hollywood daughters
Ireland Baldwin owned the unique beauty of an American girl

Time flies so fast! The complete changes in the look of celebrity kids give all fans astonishments. The public also admires their talents and spirits, which are potential to shine as future Hollywood stars like their parents. Hopefully, all of these Hollywood daughters will keep the right way in the Hollywood world, full of traps, and avoid tragic life in Million Dollar Empire as some celebrity kids.


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