Hollywood Celebrities Flat-Chested: When Small Breasts Is Sexy AF

Bhavna Acharya |Jul 02, 2020

There are many famous Hollywood celebrities who are flat-chested. They’re so proud of their bodies that they never want to undergo surgery to have a bigger one.

When big breasts and bottoms are becoming standard criteria defining a sexy woman, it turns out that there are many female celebrities who don't have any of them yet making every man on earth weak on their knees. In fact, there are many famous Hollywood celebrities who are flat-chested. They’re so proud of their bodies that they never want to undergo surgery to have a bigger one.

Check out hottest Hollywood celebrities flat-chested list to prove that being confident is the sexiest things a woman should have:

1. Kendall Jenner

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 1 kendall kadashian
Hollywood celebrities flat-chested: Who dare to say Kendall is not sexy?

While big breasts become kind of a signature trait of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, her sister Kendall Jenner isn’t blessed with ones. However, even when her chest cannot keep up with the Kardashians, who dare to say that she is less sexy than her siblings and stepsisters?

Apart from being a TV personality, Kendall Jenner also manages to go big as a professional model who works for one of the biggest lingerie brands Victoria's Secret.

2 Mila Kunis

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 2 Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis is here to proove that being flat-cheasted cannot stop her from being the most desiable woman on earth

With charming eyes, lusty lips and mesmerizing beauty, Mila Kunis has been always referred as a sex symbol who can make any man go a week on his knees. Her gorgeous beauty might make us forget that Mila Kunis is indeed flat-chested. However, instead of doing a boob job like many other celebrities, she embraces the imperfection of her body.

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 3 Mila Kunis
We can even say that having small breasts even make her look sexier

According to the actress, her breast size went up to 32B during her pregnancy since she started wearing bras.

3 Natalie Portman

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 4 Natalie portman
Natalie Portman is also on the top of hottest actresses in the world

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested list goes with Natalie Portman. The top actress who star in multiple Hollywood blockbusters has risen to stardom since she was just a teenager. The Israeli American actress is not only famous for her striking beauty and her acting talent but also for her notable intelligence. It is undeniable that she has always been flawless with an exquisite history of fashion and beauty moments.

And even though she has little fat on her breasts, it has never been a problem to her. In fact, her breast size is a perfect match for her body. The fact that Natalie never hesitates to embrace her body and sexuality is already sexy to everyone. With her outstanding beauty, confidence, and talent, Natalie doesn't need big breasts to attract people's attention

4 Taylor Swift

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 5 Taylor swift
Taylor Swift is here to redefine sexiness

Praised as one of the greatest artists of our age, besides her undeniable talent, Taylor Alison Swift also won people's hearts with her attractiveness. Her signature look of blond hair, blue eyes, red lips has hypnotized numerous people for years. Despite the fact that the megastar’s breasts are rather flat, the majority of the public has always considered her body as an ideal one.

In fact, according to a survey, men found that her slender body is more attractive than the hourglass-shaped type like the Kardashians.

5 Ariana Grande

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 6 Ariana grande
Ariana grande is one of a few artists who look cute and sexy at the same time

Ariana Grande, the girl behind a series of the biggest hits, is among the most influential figures in the music industry. Apart from her astounding musical talent, Ariana’s gorgeousness has always been the talk of the town. She is undoubtedly attractive although she doesn’t own big boobs.

Ariana is not only aware of that matter but she is also totally comfortable with it. Fans look up to Ariana so much because she is all about body positivity. On her Instagram account followed by over 100M followers, Ariana has publicly embraced her small breasts when posting a picture of her wearing a printed shirt saying “i have no tits”.

6. Kristen Stewart

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 6 Kristen Stewart

Ever since the Twilight fever struck, we have had our eyes fixed on Kristen Steward. She is apparently attractive for not just men but all the genders. Naturally born with striking beauty, she is incredibly confident with her body. We have to admit that, without big breasts, her sexual appeal is still huge.

The Twilight's muse actually doesn’t feel the need to count on plastic surgery to catch up with the unrealistic beauty standard nowadays. She even publicly spoke against plastic surgery, calling those who go under the knife “losing their minds”.

7. Paris Hilton

Hollywood celebrities flat-chested 7 paris hilton
Paris Hilton also join the Hollywood celebrities flat-chested list

Born and raised in The luxurious neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Paris Hilton and her lavish life have always been a dream for many young girls. The multi-talented star is not only good at acting and singing but she is also a genius entrepreneur. From cars, houses to business ventures, everything about her is big, except for just one thing: her lady lumps. With a humble bra size of 32B, Paris still manages to make other girls envious of her body.

Above is the list of top hottest Hollywood celebrities flat-chested to prove that being sexy is not all about big boobs. Stay tuned with Starbiz.com for the list of Bollywood celebrities flat-chested.

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