15 Hollywood Actors Stunt Doubles That Look Exactly Like Brothers & Sisters

Hanima Anand |Sep 17, 2020

Not just in dangerous situations, Hollywood actors stunt doubles also act in sexy scenes. Having an attractive body like their idols, many of these stuntmen could become famous as well.

No one question why actors need their stuntmen for dangerous settings but they may not know that these Hollywood actors stunt doubles join the movie in sensitive scenes also. That’s why they need to look exactly like the stars they represent, along with some other skills and bravery.

Due to their similarities, many of these Hollywood stuntmen are doubted to have biological links to the original versions, while some others could actually become a household name for their beauty. Let’s take a look at the top 15 pairs of most amazing Hollywood stars doubles in history.

1. Dwayne Johnson stunt double

The very first Hollywood famous stuntman is Tanoai Reed, who aids The Rock a lot in his risky scenes. As Dwayne Johnson often stars in action thrillers, his stunt double is regularly employed.

Dwayne Johnson And Stuntman
Tanoai is Dwayne Johnson stunt double in Jumanji and many other movies.

You might be wondering whether The Rock has any biological link to his stuntman when it’s not easy to find such a similar body to this big guy. The fact is, Tanoai Reed is a cousin of Dwayne Johnson. However, he is the only one in this list of Hollywood actors stunt doubles to link with the superstars by blood.

2. Chris Hemsworth stunt double

It should be known that Hollywood stars doubles is a profession, and these employees have to work hard to meet the requirements of each cinematic task. The Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland is a typical example.

Chris Hemsworth And Stuntman
Who would say these are two totally unrelated people by blood?

Chris Hemsworth is not the first Hollywood star that he does stunts for. However, the role of Chris in Thor is a difficult job because Chris has a well-built body and the filming involves lots of tossing or hitting. To complete the task, Bobby has to train at the gym two times per day as well as suffers several injuries during the filming. He is one of the most adventurous Hollywood actors stunt doubles at the moment.

3. Keanu Reeves stunt double

Next comes the nicest man in Hollywood and his stunt double, Keanu Reeves and Jeremy Fry. Jeremy has similar height, figure and facial expressions as Keanu. When he adopts the same hairstyle, you may easily think they are brothers.

Keanu Reeves And Stuntman
Am I the only one to see two Keanu Reeves in this pic?

Sharing about his work with Keanu Reeves, Jeremy really admires the way Reeves devotes himself to the career. Jeremy affirms that what good we heard about Keanu Reeves is 110% true.

4. Robert Pattinson stunt double

If other actors just need one stunt double, Robert Pattinson has his stunt triples to assist his role in Twilight. One of these Hollywood actors stunt doubles continues to accompany Robert in his later movies namely Remember Me and Water for Elephants. His name is Paul Darnell.

Robert Pattinson And Stuntman
Robert continues to work with Paul Darnell after Twilight.

5. Will Smith stunt double

It is incomplete not mentioning the famous stuntman of Will Smith who is famous for action movies. Though the Hollywood star is familiar with difficult fighting scenes, he still needs the support from Brandon McClary, his long-time stunt double.

Will Smith And Stuntman
Brandon looks like the younger version of Will Smith.

Brandon has supported Will Smith in many movies, from Hancock, Independence Day to Bad Boys and Men in Black.

6. Emilia Clarke stunt double

How would you feel if we reveal that the burning scene in Game of Thrones is not Emilia Clarke but her stunt double? Yes, not only having a beautiful face like Emilia but her stuntwoman also owns a similar body figure, allowing the girl to play the sexiest scene for Clarke.

Emilia Clarke And Stunt Double
Emilia Clarke stunt double is even sexier than herself.

Rosie Mac is the name of this stunt woman. She looks like Emilia’s sister in real life.

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7. Hugh Jackman stunt double

Choosing a suitable actor for Wolverine is not easy but finding a stuntman for Hugh is even more difficult. To make the series a blockbuster, Hugh Jackman must have cut a part of his paycheck for his amazing stuntman Richard Bradshaw.

Hugh Jackman And Stuntman
Uh oh, who is Hugh Jackman here?

8. Jennifer Lopez stunt double

Similar to the famous stuntman Bobby Holland of Thor, Jennifer Lopenz stunt double Vanessa Vander Pluym has to adopt a strict diet and workout to have a body like the actress.

Jennifer Lopez And Stunt Double
Jennifer Lopez and her stunt double in New York.

Pluym worked with Jennifer in The Boy Next Door in 2015. Her excellent job impresses Jennifer so much that the singer called Pluym to assist her in Shades of Blue project.

9. Johnny Depp stunt double

Pirates of the Caribbean wouldn’t be a hit of all time if lacking dangerous sword fights and Johnny Depp wouldn’t finish his job if lacking Tony Angelotti. Tony has assisted Johnny in many thrilling scenes to portray the true image of a pirate captain.

Johnny Depp And Stunt Double
Personally Johnny Depp stunt double is my favorite!

10. Chris Evans stunt double

Forgetting the Chris Evans accidental photo leaked recently, we talk about one of the most famous Hollywood actors stunt doubles behind Captain America’s success. It’s Sam Hargrave, the long-time stuntman of Chris Evans.

Chris Evans And Stunt Double
When he is not doing stunts, Sam directs movies.

In fact, Sam is an actor himself. He has a no less impressive body compared to Chris but he loves joining the Marvel’s project while helping his friend. For the unversed, Sam Hargrave is the director of the 2020 Chris Hemsworth-starrer Extraction.

11. Mark Ruffalo stunt double

Oh my gosh, we have two Incredible Hulks in one photo! But they are not brothers or cousins. This is Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Molinari on the set of Now You See Me.

Mark Ruffalo And Stuntman
'Identical' is an apt description for this photo.

Anthony also helps Mark considerably in the role of Hulk while saving the world. The Hollywood actor stunt double bears a strong resemblance to the versatile actor.

12. Bruce Willis stunt double

The veteran actor does need help in dozens of stunts throughout his career. His stuntman named Stuart Wilson has acted in almost every action movie of Willis.

Bruce Willis And Stuntman
Bruce and his stunt double preparing for a motorbike scene.

Though he doesn’t say this, Bruce Willis probably needs support from Stuart for his latest action thriller, Hard Kill. The movie is not highly appreciated though.

13. Margot Robbie stunt double

Margot Robbie owns a very unique beauty, so it’s not easy to find someone similar to her. However, the co-ordinator of Hollywood actors stunt doubles succeeded in finding a girl for Harley Quinn stunts. Her name is not revealed but she looks identical to the Hollywood actress, from her body to her face.

Margot Robbie And Stunt Double
Can you spot the differences here?

14. Brad Pitt stunt double

Though he is known as one of the most versatile stars, Brad Pitt couldn’t do all scenes by himself. He leaves his stunts for professional Hollywood actors stunt doubles.

Brad Pitt And Stunt Double
Brad Pitt used a stunt double when he played a stuntman in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt has no long-time stuntman but he does get help from these Hollywood stars doubles in several movies. And to honor the stunt work, he plays the role of a stuntman in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. In the movie, he is the stunt double of his best friend, Leonardo DiCaprio.

15. Liu Yifei stunt double

The last name of Hollywood actors stunt doubles that is going viral on the Internet is the stuntwoman of Mulan Liu Yifei.

Although Liu tries to perform most martial art scenes on her own to keep the movie original, she needs the support of her stunt double in some other scenes which is beyond her skill level.

Liu Yifei And Stunt Double
Liu Yifei performs 90% of her stunts in Mulan, the rest is for this beautiful girl.

When the photo of Liu Yifei stunt double is posted online, it is instantly shared hundred times for the beauty of the stunt girl. Netizens even urge her to go casting for movies because they believe she has the potential of a superstar.

So, which pair of Hollywood actors stunt doubles are you most impressed with? Vote for them below!

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