Here’s The Truth About Kendall Jenner’s $250K Sponsored Instagram Post For Fyre Festival

Priyansh Ha |Jun 27, 2019

Of course, Kendall Jenner wasn’t seen in the festival and she deleted her post after the truth was unveiled.

Although we are no strangers to celebrities’ sponsored Instagram posts, it’s still a big surprise to know that one of the Kardashian siblings Kendall Jenner was paid up to $250,000 for a single post. According to the Vice, it was the Fyre Festival organizer who spent a quarter million dollars advertising their event on her social media.

Apart from Kendall Jenner, there are other models Bella Hadid, Bella Thorne and Hailey Baldwin who were paid to encourage their followers purchasing a ticket for the ‘luxury festival.’

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Source: Cheat Sheet

The Greatest Show That Never Happens

The point is that the Fyre Festival which was supposed to be a luxury star-studded party turns out to be an epic scam. According to a source, the organizer of the festival knew in advance that everything they sold was completely impossible, from famous models to beachside concerts and jet-ski.

Fyre Festival
Supermodels, luxury beach parties and jet-skies is just a big scam. (Source:

While Fyre Festival kept broadcasting about the VIP experience in the Bahamas, things turned out to be a fiasco starting off with delayed flights, half-built huts to stay overnight and then cold sandwiches, not to mention the terrible trip home. In short, it was the greatest show which never happens.

Millions Of Dollars Was Poured Into Influencers And Models

In fact, the CEO of Fyre Media Inc Billy McFarland came up with the idea in October 2016 and started the promotional campaign just a month later. It made headlines for quite a while with many celebrities and models getting involved.

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Instead of investing in the event’s logistics, the organizers spent millions of dollars on their advertisements which fooled thousands of people into the mess. Of course, Kendall Jenner wasn’t seen in the festival. The model deleted her post after the truth was unveiled.


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