Rumor Alert: X-Men And The Avengers Will Co-operate In A Secret Marvel Movie?

Nalini Suri |Jun 04, 2019

From 2011, Fox kindled an idea for a clash of X-Men and Avengers superheroes in a Marvel movie and a writer revealed this in detail.

That superheroes crossover is so familiar to comic fans but it has not been seen much on screen. Thus, combining the universes together, for example, Johnny Storm (by Chris Evans) will meet professor X Charles Xavier (by James McAvoy), will be devilishly interesting. This can happen because X-Men and Avengers superheroes are living under the same roof called 20th Century Fox.

x-men avengers

Writer of X-Men: First Class Zack Stentz revealed on podcast "Fatman Beyond" of Kevin Smith:


X-men: First Class

After this hyperthesis, many fans will silently imagine whether Chris Evans will be Captain America of Avengers or Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. How will these 2 characters crash into each other? Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool role in MCU or in X-Men? How will actor Josh Brolin act with Cable of Deadpool 2 and Thanos in Avengers?

Fantastic Four


Of course, the future of those characters is handled by Marvel Studios, when its parent company Disney bought 20th Century Fox and all its properties. The point is that the characters of MCU has stepped into Period 4, so perhaps we will have chances to see the movies with new events.

x-men avengers

No matter what will go on in the future, but a monumental combination of almost the characters of X-Men and Avengers will be a great potential when they live under the same roof now.


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