12 Biggest Screen Events Of The Decade: Disney Mostly Engaged In All

Rose Advani |Jan 09, 2020

Here are the biggest screen events of the decade. And Disney engaged in most of events. See what they had done during 2010s!

The film industry of the decade underwent ups and downs events, from new cinematic universe built up to acquisitions of prestigious movie brands as Disney, Marvel, Sony Pictures, and so forth. Here are the biggest screen events of the decade that movies lovers must note down!

Alice in Wonderland inspired for a series of live-action movies

Alice in Wonderland is a fantasy adventure movie, directed by Tim Burton, was out cinemas in 2010. The film created a $ 1 billion in revenue beyond the expectation of filmmaker. After the success of this film, Disney produced a series of live-action films Cinderella to The Lion King, which contributes about 5 billion in the total revenue of Disney.

Biggest screen events of the decade
Alice in Wonderland 2010

The Avengers and the dominance of the MCU

If Iron Man was launched in 2008 and regarded as a successful superhero movie, the release of The Avengers  2012 showed the world about a super hero's team, and the whole world officially knew Marvel's Cinematic Universe (MCU). The Avengers get back a huge gross – up to 1 billion and MCU has turned out as the most successful movie production without competitors.

screen events of the decade
The Avengers 2012

Disney acquired Star Wars

Star Wars of Luscasfilm ended in 2005 after Revenge of the Sith. However, Disney acquired Luscasfilm in 2012 and re-created the series with three main parts and 2 sequels, and many foreign television shows, Star Wars once more time cross the box worldwide. Disney proved that Star Wars are able to give back a huge gross.

The Hunger Games became a blockbuster

The Hunger Games gave a new wind in the fantasy adventure for the young people which inspire several novels getting remakes as Maze Runner, Divergent, and The Darkest Minds. However, no movies gained more successful than The Hunger Games.

screen events of the decade
The Hunger Games

Sony's Spider-Man Project was hacked

On 11 May 2014, Sony Picture was hacked by a hacker group the Guardians of the Peace system, and a wide range of confidential documents was distributed everywhere. The lost documents include the Spider-Man cooperation plan between Sony and Marvel. However, the negotiation was unsuccessful.

Til 2016, Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland officially appeared in Captain American: Civil War. Finally, Sony and Marvel also came to an engagement in 2019 that Spiderman returning to Marvel. This engagement makes all fans crazily happy.

biggest screen events of the decade

Wonder Woman broke the rule

In 2015, Patty Jenkins turned out as the first female director for superhero film projects such as Wonder Woman. Later, Wonder Woman became a blockbuster that giving new hope for the cinematic universe DC. Following the success of Wonder Woman, a series of upcoming blockbuster directed by women as Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Birds of Prey, and The Eternals are on their ways.

biggest screen of the decade
Wonder Woman inspired a series of blockbuster films directed by women

Dark Universe ended

New cinematic universe – Dark Universe was created including classic monsters of Universal Pictures began with The Mummy released on 06 September 2017, played by Tom Cruise with big expectations. Unluckily, The Mummy became a flopped film and Dark Universe was ended.

screen events of the decade
The Mummy, played by Tom Cruise

Netflix joined Blockbuster market

Back in the day, Netflix originated with a TV series or low-budget movies, but everything changed in 2017. The company produced Bright with a huge budget of up to 90 million dollars, cast by superstar Will Smith. Currently, Netflix also planned for other huge budget projects as The Irishman, Six Underground, and Army of the Dead.

biggest screen events of the decade
Netflix invested huge-budget films

Jordan Peele change the thrilling movie

From Get Out 2017, Jordan Peele is internationally known as a master in the line of horror movies. Get Out not only public but also enthusiastically received an Oscar nomination - something rare horror film ever do. To 2019, he continued US extremely successful.

biggest screen events of the decade
Get Out 2017, An Oscar nomination directed by Jordan Peele

Black Panther received Oscar nomination

Black Panther is the first superhero film that gets the Oscar-nominated for Best Picture category. Though the film won or not, it gives a new opening-door for the entering of a superhero movie in the trade field.

Black Panther
Black Panther received Oscar nomination

The world lost Stan Lee

The world lost Stan Lee who has created the definition of Pop culture in the last decade. Marvel fans surely are terribly sad because there is no longer his role as a cameo on the screen again.

We lost Stan Lee
We lost Stan Lee

Disney acquired 21st Century Fox

Walt Disney Company officially announced that it finished the acquisition worth $ 71 billion with 21st Century Fox on 3 May 2019.

screen events of the decade
Disney acquired 21st Century Fox

Following the engagement, Disney will get all properties from cable channels FX and National Geographic, 20th Century Fox movie studio, and an additional 30% stake in the demanded TV service Hulu. This support Disney for a big expansion in Hollywood.

These biggest screen events of the decade build up a colorful decade for the film industry with a series of blockbuster movies with huge revenues.

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