'I Choose Script By Instinct And Gut Feeling', Fantastic Beast Star Eddi Redmayne reveals

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 16, 2018

Nov 16, 2018

Eddie Redmayne has cemented his standing in Hollywood, and still making his name in the industry. Even though, the Oscar winner confessed that his past experience when he was unemployed remain in his mind. Despite winning the Oscar award for best actor, Eddie Redmayne still cannot forget the rejections which he had to face throughout his career, and those are things keep him grounded.

In a promotion for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Eddie Redmayne asserted to IANS: "You never forget the rejections. You never forget the years of being told no". The actor also claimed those rejections it is something deep in actors’ mind and those could make so many of them nervous and neurotic.

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Eddie Redmayne shared his moment when following a Rachel Weisz's interview and she expressed that being employed is something unbelievable to her. That was his tough time and had to struggle to have a role in any movie; the answer of Rachel Weisz made him felt like "You are Rachel Weisz. Everything gonna be fine", the Fantastic Beasts star said. However, until gaining remarkable success, he stated that he understood the feeling of Rachel Weisz, and have the same opinion. His main concern is the enjoyment of moviegoers with his movie, and that is his motivation to keep moving forward.

Redmayne honestly answered in the interview that the doubts about his career are frequently present in his mind. Before gaining success, the actor had a tough time working at a pub as a waiter. His acting career dream started when he was 21 and working at the British Soap Awards; his job was collecting empty glasses. One day, accidentally the champagne glass was crashed. At that moment, he just laughed at it, and instantly thinking about becoming an actor flashed through his mind.

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In 2002, at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Eddie Redmayne marked the beginning of his career in the entertainment industry with his breakthrough role in Twelfth Night. Even though, until 2011, the actor got his first step in the film industry with the movie My Week with Marilyn. In 2012, he had remarkable performance, not just acting but singing skills, in Les Miserables and since that movie, his career path gone off without a hitch. Moreover, Eddie Redmayne won the Oscar award for Best Actor with his performance as Stephen Hawking in the movie The Theory of Everything. Additionally, he also won BAFTA, SAG, and Golden Globe for his outstanding performance. The star expressed his flexible and the ability to adapt in the movie The Danish Girl, in which his character is a man, in physical, with the soul of a woman. He was nominated for Best Actor for that complex role.


Eddie Redmayne claimed that winning and being nominated for the Oscar award have never changed the way he chooses a project. Eddie Redmayne shared that when every actor who has just started out they will be given detail about film project include director and actor. From there, the actor knows his/her role in the movie. However, it is much more complicated when an actor is the first person to receive the script. Therefore, he/ she must decide by himself/herself if this is a good movie without any reference. However, Eddie Redmayne stated that he only has one rule when picking a script: "And that is by instinct and gut feeling".

Eddie Redmayne is now the lead actor for a franchise movie, Fantastic Beasts, which is planned to have five chapter. After the success of the kick-off movie, the second movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, is going to be on theatre on 16th of November in India. Besides, in India, the film will be released in 4 languages, including Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil.

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