Ellen Page Kissing Scenes Compilation | The Last Girlie Image Of The Beautiful Actress

Leela Adwani |Dec 03, 2020

See the last girly images of Ellen Page with Ellen Page kissing scenes compilation.

Ellen Page seems to be the hottest name lately because of her shocking revelation about her gender. The Oscar-nominated movie star who is best known for the roles in films Inception and Juno has recently come out as transgender. After the headline-breaking statement, Ellen Page kissing scenes have turned out to be a much-searched keyword.

Ellen Page
Ellen Page before becoming Elliot Page

The 33-year-old actor took to his Twitter handle to announce the big change that has stunned one and all. He expressed his overwhelming gratitude for all of his fans who have always supported him. Especially, he has changed his name from Ellen Page to Elliot Page. Page’s wife, Emma Portner also showed her support towards this drastic transformation as she shared her thoughts on her Instagram.

Ellen Page 3
Ellen Page was a sexy and girly girl

For those who are unversed, in the year 2014, Page came out as gay and since then he has been one of the most proactive artists in the LGBTQ community. In 2018, he tied the knot with celebrity dancer Emma Portner.

Elliot Page
Fans can't wait to see the new image of Elliot Page in his upcoming projects

On the work front, the actor is playing the role of Vanya Hargreeves in the Netflix web series the Umbrella Academy. The report from The Hollywood Reporter has it that he will continue to essay his character and his name on the titles and credits will be updated.

Yes, on the occasion of his gender revelation, let’s take a walk down the memory lane to see the last girly images of Ellen Page before he becomes Elliot Page forever with Ellen Page kissing scenes compilation.

To Rome With Love

Releasing in 2012, To Rome With Love is a romantic comedy-drama talking about four unrelated stories of a clerk, an architect, a newly wedded couple on their sweet honeymoon, and an Italian funeral director.

Ellen Page played the role of Monica and shared the kiss with Jack. This is also touted as one of the most passionate Ellen Page kissing scenes.


Ellen could be seen sharing a kiss with topless James Norton in the film Flatliners in front of many people in the room. They played the role of medical students who fall in love with each other and get kicks by taking part in risky experiments about the afterlife.

This saucy scene surely got millions of audiences’ hearts pumping and also one of the most beautiful Ellen Page kissing scenes.

Whip it

Hitting the screen in 2009, Whip It marked a turning point in the acting career of Page. She played the role of Bliss whose mom wants her to crown the beauty competition. However, she has a big passion for roller derby.

Page can be seen locking her co-star’s lips in an underwater scene and it was way too romantic. It’s safe to say Ellen Page kissing scenes list cannot complete without mentioning this iconic scene.


The success of the 2010 science fiction movie Inception took Page’s popularity to a higher level. The sweet kiss between Ariadne (Page) and Arthur (Joseph Gordon) will not be erased easily from the audiences’ mind. The duo shared great chemistry on the screen and the kissing scene drove their fans crazy while watching it.

The film talks about the story of Cobb who steals information from the target by entering into their dreams.

My Days of Mercy

The romantic drama which released in 2017 featured one of the mushiest on-screen romance of Ellen Page.  The film revolves around the same-sex relationship between the daughter of a man who is on death row and a woman who hails from the opposite family background.

Yes, among the above-mentioned Ellen Page kissing scenes, this is the first lips-locking scene of the actor after coming out as gay.

Umbrella Academy

If in season one, Vanya (Page) falls in love with the villain that makes her fight against all of her family and leads to an apocalypse, season 2 we will see the love blossomed between the youngest Hargreeves and her landlord who is stuck with her current marriage.

It’s one of the indispensable parts of Ellen Page kissing scenes on screen and another scene that we see Page shared kisses with another woman.

Real-life kisses of Elliot Page and his wife Emma Portner

It’s not far off the mark to say Ellen Page kissing scenes are at their most beautiful state when he shares kisses with his lover Emma Portner. They have never shied away from letting the world know about love for each other.

Ellen Page Kissing Scenes
A sweet moment with his wife Emma Portner at their home

Be it at the public events or just a simple moment of the two at home, one thing popping into our mind first when seeing their pictures is that they completely head over heels in love.

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