Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend: Portrait Of An Intelligent Woman Behind A Successful Man

Leela Adwani |Feb 25, 2020

To help you familiarize yourself with Donald Trump Jr girlfriend, below are some facts you should know about this lady.

Donald Trump or Donald Trump in India are some of the hottest topics on the Internet currently which were discussed left and right. Every update of his trip to the country soon goes viral and now, not just his agenda draws much attention but personal life, especially his family are also grabbing eyeballs. The fact is that Donald Trump Jr, his eldest son and Donald Trump Jr girlfriend are also much-searched names on social media.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 4
Who is Donald Trump Jr's girlfriend?

He hadn’t always seen eye-to-eye with his father, though since Trump officially became the president, Jr has returned into the fold. It seems to stand to the reason that he and his love life have always been on the radar since then. Jr’s ladylove Kimberly Guilfoyle is one of the hottest names as she is currently working as a senior advisor for the reelection campaign of President Trump.

To help you familiarize yourself with Donald Trump Jr girlfriend, below are some facts you should know about this lady.

San Francisco born woman

Kimberly Guilfoyle was born in San Francisco on 9 March 1969. Her mother whose name is Mercedes was a special education teacher. However, she passed away because of leukemia when Kimberly was only 11 years old. Her father Tony who is an Irish immigrant then raised her as a single dad.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 1
She hails from San Francisco


Guilfoyle reportedly pursued her education as a Republican in a college and then started her modeling career for Macy and Victoria’s secret during the years she was in her law school. The lady also had 4 years residing as a deputy district in Los Angeles and she was even honored “Prosecutor of the month.” In the year 2000, she was back in her hometown San Francisco.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 6
Her modeling days in Victoria's Secret
Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 5
Drop-dead gorgeous


She tied the knot with Gavin Newsom in 2001 but the couple soon parted ways. Her first husband would become a Democratic Governor of California eventually.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 7
Gavin Newsom was her first husband

Career switch

2004 marked a life-changing career switch as she became the host of Both Sides. Not just this, two years later she joined Fox News to host the weekend show The Lineup. And until the summer of the year 2018,  Donald Trump Jr girlfriend co-hosted the show The Five.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 2
2004 witnessed a milestone in her career

Get married again in 2006

Guilfoyle walked down the aisle the second time with Eric Villency who was the CEO and President of his family’s furniture chain in Barbados on 27 May 2006.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 8
She has a son with Eric Villency

She welcomed her first child in 2006

On 4 October 2006, Guilfoyle and Villency were blessed with a baby boy and they named him Ronan Anthony. However, they divorced 3 years later.

Her relationship with Donald Trump Jr

The couple has started fulfilling the linkup rumor for at least more than a decade. In a picture taken in 2007, they could be seen sharing the frame with Don Jr’s now ex-wife Vanessa, Rich Thomas, and Tamie Peters Thomas.

The dating rumor has been more widespread since April 2018. The couple was jointly present at the White House 4th of July party after both of them headed to Montana for a fishing date.

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 9
Fishing date with Donald Trump Jr

After always accompanying her beau to several fundraisers and rallies, Guilfoyle officially became a senior adviser for the 2020 campaign of President Trump.

Like many other loving couples, they also have cute pet names for each other. The fact is that during the campaign trail, Donald Trump Jr girlfriend jokingly shared that she calls him Junior Mints. Meanwhile, he calls her Pooh Bear. How cute they are!

Donald Trump Jr Girlfriend 10
Accompanying him at several events

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