Chris Evans Reveals Details of His Last Scene as Captain America, Calls It ‘Really Stupid’

Author |Oct 20, 2018

Chris Evans spilled the beans about his last scenes performing as Captain America.

Captain America Released Some Details About The Last Scene

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After the box office hit Avengers 3: Infinity War, fans of this blockbuster are so excited to wait for Avengers 4. It will be the last movie in the Avengers series. This upcoming film will have the appearance of the previous cast: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey, and other well-known actors. In a recent ACE Comic-Con, Chris Evans, who stars in the role of Captain America, has released some details about his final scene in the film.

What did Chris Evans talk about his final scene?

He shared that his last line in the reshoot was really stupid. It is the dialogue he said to Paul Rudd, who stars as Ant Man in the movie. Although Ant Man was not there, it was still a silly line. Because this was a reshoot, they did these little picks and pops. But it was things that the film script required. He said that the line was nothing special to him but it was a memorable day.

For him, his dialogue was nothing impressive, even quite stupid. However, fans of the actor don’t need to worry since it couldn’t be the last and the only line of Captain during the movie.

In a status on the social media, Chris Evans stated that he had finished his role as Captain America in the last part of Avengers series on Thursday. He marked the last shooting day as an emotional and unforgettable day. The actor posted a status with an honest thank to all of his fans and colleagues. Taking up the Captain America role for 8 years was his pleasure and honor. He wanted to thank for all the support, affection as well as unforgettable memories from his fans and audiences during 8 years. The actor played in the Marvel role for the first time in 2010. He has taken up the Captain America character in 3 films under the same name. It includes the Civil War (2016), one of the most successful parts in the Captain America series.

The actor’s tweet has received over 1.4 million likes for his post on the social media in less than a day. In thousands of comments, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne also responded to his post. Reynolds wrote that he was not crying and there were differences. Dwayne Johnson also wrote a comment for Evans to congratulate him on bringing the soul of life to his iconic character and encouraged him to keep moving. Robert Downey Jr starred as Iron Man took a meme from Toy Story and shared with him.

Avengers 4 is scheduled to release in May 2019.


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