Can You Guess How Much Kit Harington Made From "Game of Thrones"? Find Out Here!

Maanyata Thu |Apr 15, 2019

Kit Harington are among the highest-paid actors on television. Soooo, how much money does he have in the bank? Let's break it down.

Kit Harington gained international recognition and become one of the highest-paid actors on television after being cast as Jon Snow in the acclaimed fantasy series, 'Game of Thrones'. So, how much does the 32-year-old actor earn from the show? Let’s break it down by going through things season-by-season.

Season 1-4

How Much Kit Harington Earn From Games Of Throne1
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In fact, we have no idea how much Harington earned during his first years of the HBO’s smash hit series but it was likely pretty small. In spite of the fact that Harington is now one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, he was quite unknown when being cast for the role of Jon Snow. This means that he probably wasn’t paid that much to take on the role.

Season 5 and 6

How Much Kit Harington Earn From Games Of Throne
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However, everything changed in 2014 when the actor realized how important he was in the show. According to Deadline, Harington, together with his co-stars Lena Headey, Emilia Clark, Peter Dinklage, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, negotiated their salary up to 300,000 dollars each episode for seasons five and six. Kit Harington featured in 17 episodes in both seasons, which means he made up to 5,1 million dollars in total.

Season 7 and 8

As the fantasy drama become a TV global phenomenon, Kit Harington realized that the TV series is nothing without him so he renegotiated with HBO and walked away with 500,000 dollars each episode for season 7 and 8. He appeared in all seven episodes of season 7, meaning that 3,5 million dollars made its way into his pocket.

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Although we are unsure how many episodes he will star in the last season, let’s just presume he will be in all 6 episodes and makes up 3 million dollars so his total earning for the whole show (only counting all his salary from season 5 to season 8) will be 11,6 million dollars.

Kit Also Has Been In Several Movies!

The actor lent his voice in the famous animated action fantasy film ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’. The movie collected more than 62 million dollars worldwide and became the 12th highest grossing films in 2014 so it’s quite sure to presume that Kit Harington earned impressive sums from it.

Kit Tries His Hands At SponCon

While most of his wealth comes from Game of Thrones, Kit Harington has also padded his bank account with endorsement deals. He was the face of Jimmy Choo men’s lines, a spokesman for Nissan, and once collaborated with his co-star Emilia Clark for Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance for men.

What is Kit Harington’s net worth?

As per the report by Celebrity Net Worth, Kit Harington’s total net worth would be about 12 million dollars, which is a ton of money.


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