Why Bridgerton Series Netflix Becomes A Phenomenon? Is It Just Because Of The 18+ Element?

Leela Adwani |Jan 19, 2021

Here are the top reasons why you should watch the show immediately.

Releasing on Christmas 2020, the Bridgerton series Netflix is truly taking the world by storm. If you want to escape from the ongoing pandemic and emerge yourself in the world of English Regency, the eight-episode series will fulfill your wish.

Bridgerton Series Netflix
Bridgerton Series Netflix

Here are the top reasons why you should watch the show immediately.


In the first episodes of the series, we might think that Bridgerton is just another mainstream love story between two hot young people, meet, then fall in love. However, it’s way more complicated than you think.

Bridgerton Series Netflix 2
It's not just a simple love story between two strangers falling in love with each other

Bridgerton series Netflix follows Daphne Bridgerton who catches the eyes of Queen Charlotte at the annual marriage market. Her beauty quickly attracts a lot of suitors but her big brother Anthony Bridgerton tries to reject all of them. He believes that his beautiful sister deserves someone better.

This somehow leaves Daphne extremely devastated because many men in town are too scared to approach her. Almost failing to seek a potential husband, the Bridgerton young lady decides to strike a deal with the heartbreakingly handsome Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset. If the Duke shows his interest in Daphe, then it will be a win-win situation. By doing so Daphne can attract other suitors while Simon can keep other husband seekers and their moms away from him.

As fate would have it they don’t find any interest in someone else but each other. However, because of the vows on his father’s death bed, the Duke refuses to get married and start a family.

Bridgerton Series Netflix 3
The series contains a lot of hot scenes of two main characters

How things will pan out, you should watch the eight-episode series on Netflix.

What interesting about the series is not only about the romance and the chemistry between a young couple. Unlike many other mushy romantic dramas, the show also centers on the story of another family, the Featherington, and their troubles including a distant cousin’s big secret or gambling.

Bridgerton series Netflix will be less dramatic without the mysterious Lady Whistledown who is the author hind the scandalous gossip articles. Finding her identity is also another compelling reason to keep you on the edge of your seat.


If reading the storyline only wasn’t enough to kindle your interest, the cast will. It goes without saying the Bridgerton cast is way too hot.

Phoebe Dynevor was roped in to play the heroine as Daphne Bridgherton. The English actress was born on April 17, 1995. She started her acting career when she was 14 years old and mostly appeared in television series. She truly shot to stardom after the immense success of the Bridgerton series Netflix.

Bridgerton Series Netflix 4
Phoebe Dynevor has done a great job as Daphne Bridgherton

Meanwhile, Regé-Jean Page portrayed the role of the Duke of Hastings. It’s not far off the mark to say the British-Zimbabwean actor is a strong reason to watch the series of a lot of women. His zero-fat and six-pack body are bound to make you go crazy after every episode.

Rege Jean Page
Rege Jean Page becomes an apple in the eyes of many ladies after the show

The producer of the show, in an interview, opened up on the cast of the period drama. He said,

“Our show is for a modern audience, featuring modern themes and characters, so we took liberties in our re-imagining.”

That’s why if you find the cast your favorite style, then it would not bat an eyelid.

Lady Whistledown

A woman who has never appeared in any scene throughout eight episodes of the series but is called the backbone of the Bridgerton series Netflix is none other than Lady Whistledown.

Lady Whistledown
Lady Whistledown is the woman who takes the town by storm with her controversial articles

She is the woman who destroys many families by revealing intimate and well-kept secrets. Every article she publishes is read by everyone in London but none of them know who she is.

Not only the queen, the residents in the town but the viewers who are watching the series are also keen on the journey of finding the identity of this writer.


No prize for guessing Bridgerton series Netflix is one of the biggest budget productions of the year. If the storyline or the cast doesn’t impress you enough, the costumes in the series will surely change your mind.

Bridgerton Netflix Fashion
Costumes in the series are also the highlight

Each dress, each outfit of Daphne and her sisters, brothers are relatively incredible. They are decorated intricately in order to reflect the personalities of each character.

If Daphne’s outfits are mostly pale blue shades, the Featheringtons who want to become the center of attention always choose bright and colorful gowns at the balls.

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