Bradley Cooper: Turning whatever you've gone through into a story is very cathartic

Author |Sep 10, 2018

Bradley Cooper now believe that his past helped him very much to star as Jackson.

While making A Star is Born, Bradley Cooper couldn't stay away from remembering his hard times. Bradley Cooper co-features as Jackson Maine in the new remake. Jackson Maine is  a rocker struggling drug addiction and alcoholism. Later, he falls for his musical trainee named Ally (Lady Gaga). A Star is Born also marks Cooper's directorial debut.

In 2016, Cooper revealed to Barbara Walters that he battled with alcohol and drugs. Bradley Cooper now believe that his past helped him very much to star as Jackson.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper told Variety magazine at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere: "Anytime you are attempting to confess the truth, you have to go to locations and use experiences which have actually happened to you, or you have learned or read about". Then he added:  "It's all type of the beauty of changing whatever problems you have undergone to a story. I believe it to be very purging. I keep in mind hearing that in graduate school. Our professor said that all the anxieties, all the gloomy things you get to use that. And that's actually the truth".

In the interview with Walters, Bradley Cooper said that he was restrained from alcohol and drugs for 11 years.

Variety demanded the 1937 classic's remake  "an extraordinary Hollywood film". They highly compliment Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who also is the director of the film. Critic Owen Gleiberman applaud as "brilliant" its tale of a server who moves up to fame after falling for an alcoholic country artist on the slide. This critic said that Gaga's enthusiastic and attractively direct work never make her own star aspect get in the line of the character."


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