"Black Mirror" Season 5 Trailer Delivers A Look At Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus And Other Guest Stars

Laavanya Hien |May 17, 2019

After hitting the big screen with four seasons, audiences are going to enjoy the fifth season of Black Mirror on Netflix with its new trailer.

After hitting the big screen with four seasons, audiences are going to watch Black Mirror’s fifth season on Netflix with its new trailer. This season will have three episodes only and is different from two previous ones which were produced after Netflix took over the show. However, its format is still the same as the first three seasons.

Black Mirror
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What’s about the trailer dropped by Netflix? At first, it presents a glance at stars featuring in the show such as Miley Cyrus, AvengersAnthony Mackie, and That 70s ShowTopher Grace. In particular, the Charlie Brooker’s series will deliver every small detail of three stories this year in which the Wrecking Ball singer will appear in one of the show’ stories while Mackie is responsible for the lead duties in this upcoming season.

It’s much known for being an anthology fiction series with the main concentration on the undesirable effects brought by technology. The most impressive thing is that the show opens up a dystopian future closely attached to real-life events. Charlie Brooker is the co-showrunner and creator of this science series.

Have a look at the trailer below:

After taking over Black Mirror, Netflix allowed its users to participate in an interactive movie named Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in the year of 2018. Audiences were given the responsibility to make their own decisions because they are required to pick up the actions of the character. Especially, the actions chosen by viewers determined the story’s outcome. Brooker also took charge of writing Bandersnatch.

Black Mirror

When it comes to the fourth season of Black Mirror, it was first screened on Netflix in 2017 with six episodes. As reported, the postponement of making its fifth season was due to Bandersnatch’s production.

Black Mirror season 5 finally gets its release date. It will go on floors on June 5th.


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