Bare Face Of Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner... These Tinseltown Stunners Take Netizens By Surprise

Harshini |Sep 18, 2019

Always appearing with a gorgeous appearance with sophisticated dresses and carefully makeup faces, these Hollywood beauties have surprised people when exposing their extremely beautiful bare face.

Makeup is a privilege for women as it is a great help to make the beauty of girls even more prominent. Therefore, it seems that applying makeup is an indispensable procedure, especially for people of the public.

However, there are Hollywood beauties that make the public amazed by their no-makeup beauty. Sometimes they look just as beautiful as when they have cosmetics on.

Taylor Swift

Taylor 1


The Lover singer and composer then does not only impress with musical talent but also by her envious beauty. When attending events, Taylor is often well-groomed and her makeup is done by experts to guarantee her shining. But even in mundane pictures, she made a strong impression by an angelic beauty.

Taylor 3

In the photos taken by paparazzi, her natural face is seen to have a small scar near the end of her eyebrow. But it seems that scar could not make the singer less beautiful. Taylor has a doll-like face. Fans commented that the bare face is no different than when she wears makeup.

Taylor 4

Not only did she inherit the beauty of her parents, but she herself also kept a healthy lifestyle. It is the secret of Taylor Swift to keep her exuberant beauty anytime and anywhere.

Selena Gomez

Not possessing a sharp appearance like Taylor, Selena is famous for her sweet look ever since day one when she was introduced on Disney Channel. At present, the singer pursues a seductive style so she often has glamorous makeup.

Selena Gomez with her makeup on.

However, when removing every makeup layer, Selena's chubby, youthful face still makes lots of people flutter.

Selena 1

Selena 3

Selena 2

Although Selena often has problems controlling her weight, the round face makes the female star cuter than ever. Many people also commented that the facial features of the singer-actress have not changed much comparing to her teenage years.

Candice Swanepoel


Victoria's Secret angel Candice Swanepoel is always one of the long-legged beauty that attracts the most audience’s attention in the famous lingerie brand's shows. Everyone must admit that she has a comprehensive beauty because in addition to her perfectly toned body, Candice also owns a beautiful bare face.

Candice 1

Candice 2

Candice 3

The South African enchantress often has to wear heavy makeup when performing, but she prefers to keep it natural in everyday life. Many people also think that Candice looks younger when she is without the through makeup layers.

Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid

Gigi Bella

Hadid sisters seem to inherit all the beautiful traits of their parents. Although the two sisters do not have many similarities in appearance, that one thing they have in common is their enviously charming face.

Big sister Gigi often appears on the red carpet with a well-groomed look. But in the most natural moments, her plump face does not disappoint fans at all. She often flaunts her sweet bare face when appearing beside her former lover Zayn Malik.


Gigi 1

The bare face of Gigi Hadid is not pale but still incredibly beautiful.

Bella 1


Bella, though does not look identical to her sister, is not inferior in terms of beauty. Other than the sweet beauty of Gigi, Bella is deemed to have a chic, impressive and suitable manner to advertise in high-end fashion lines. Bella also frequently appears as a brand face for many cosmetic brands.

She is also not afraid to show her bare face in makeup tutorials.

Demi Lovato

Demi 1

As a rare singer possessing sharp facial lines, Demi has a bare face that is not much different from when she wears heavy makeup. Beautiful drawn-like eyebrows and large round eyes are the highlights, while the split chin is her distinctive mark.


Demi often confidently shows her bare face to her fans. She even posted a natural photo with a witty caption: "I woke up like this!"

Kylie Jenner

Kylie 5

Kylie 2

Although she has undergone several times of beauty restoration, few can deny the beauty of young billionaire Kylie Jenner. Although her heavy makeup makes her look quite old for her age, Kylie is still very stunning. She is also unhesitating to show the world her face after all the makeup remover.


Kylie 3

Although her lips have had a filler injection, Kylie's big round eyes still help her to be considered as a top beautiful face in the showbiz. Besides, the smooth skin of the youngest female billionaire is also a big plus for the face.


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