Avengers 4 Theory: Who Will Knock The Mad Titan Thanos Down?

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 03, 2018

Most of the comic fan has seen Thanos on a comic book, but until Avengers: Infinity War, we had a chance to see the villain Thanos ‘in the flesh’. Thankful for the effort of Avengers’ staffs, the artists, writers, and the excellent acting ability of Josh Brolin, they successfully brought Thanos from comic to the big screen. Thanos in Marvel Cinematic Universe is not a murder or madness, but a deep in thought character and intellectual being.

Thanos Avengers Infinity War
Who will end the life of Thanos?

Without Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is still a powerful beast who able to knock the earth’s superheroes without a hitch. On the road to collect 6 Infinity Stones to wipe out half of the Universe, Thanos showed his strength and defeated top superheroes easily - but not all of them.

It is likely that our superheroes will gather to formulate a plan and reverse the game and bring the peace and balance back to the Universe. Below is the list of superheroes from the one has the least to the highest chance to defeat the Mad Titan in Avengers 4.

Doctor Strange

After the harsh training process at Kamar Taj with the guidance of guidance of Ancient One, our Sorcerer Supreme revealed his powerful mystic arts when fighting back Thanos, with 4 Infinity Stones, without using the Time Stone. Even though, it seems to be that he had to struggle against Ebony Maw, one of the Black Order. If Doctor Strange can be resurrected in Avengers 4, maybe we will have the opportunity to see Dr.Strange with more eye-catching mystical magic and defeat Thanos.

The Incredible Hulk

Even though Hulk had a tough time with Bruce Banner in Thor: Ragnarok and Thanos knocked down Hulk effortlessly at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, you should not underrate the strength of The Incredible Hulk. Undoubtedly, Hulk is the one who has the unlimited strength to beat anyone, even Thanos. All he needs is to get angry enough as his power is proportional to his level of temper. Therefore, Hulk will maybe have a chance to smash Thanos in the upcoming Avengers.

Tony Stark - Iron Man

The first superheroes started the MCU, Iron Man is not just a big man in a suit with cutting-edge technology. Also, he is a genius, a tactical leader of the Avengers. Moreover, He can feel the danger is coming and always prepares beforehand. Earlier, Tony Stark created Hulk Buster in case Hulk is out of control and he was right. In the last Avenger franchise, the billionaire’s nanotechnology suit impressed the audience greatly.

Apart from the tremendous visual impression, it helps him to fight back and made the Mad Titan bleed - a remarkable achievement while others were taken down by the mighty power of Thanos. If he had enough time, it is pretty sure a better suit with the ability to defeat Thanos can be invented.

Captain Marvel

Avengers 4 will be incomplete without mention Captain Marvel. She is the last hope to defeat Thanos and reportedly the most powerful superheroes in MCU until now. In an interview, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios and MCU's architect let slip Captain Marvel’s infinite possibility.

Luckily, we can see parts of her story and abilities from the trailer of the upcoming film which will be released a few months before Avengers 4. Until now, we know that, in MCU, she is a member of Starforce, the elite military unit of Kree. She has an ability to foreseen the danger come from outer space as she has been working for Starforce. After all, Captain Marvel is still a mystery character and we have to wait until next year to know how powerful she is.

Lord of Thunder - Thor

Before Thor: Ragnarok, the God of Thunder acted as an Avenger. He is a strong and powerful God with Mjolnir but unnoteworthy. MCU decided to reinvent Thor and redirect the character; the director Taika Waititi created one of the most popular characters in MCU.

As Thor’s hometown was destroyed, Loki and his citizen were killed by the Mad Titan, Thor loss everything but his desires to revenge. With Stormbreaker, Thor returned and stronger than ever. Hence, he seems to be the only one could kill Thanos, of course, if he did not miss Thanos's head.

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