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Salena Harshini |May 19, 2020

This Tom Hardy starrer is a must-watch for Marvel, sci-fi, and action fans. There must be a solid reason why "Venom" is one of the biggest hits in 2018.

Venom is a Marvel-originated comic character whose solo movie was released in 2018 and created a huge storm around the world. Starring top-notch actor Tom Hardy, the film was the seventh-highest-earning movie of 2018, with more $856 million globally. Venom movie download subsequently seems to never go out of style. Check out the source we have collected for you down here.

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Venom is one of the 2018 cinema hits

The plot of Venom quite sticks to the original comic Lethal Protector of Marvel. The movie stars when the alien Symbiotes fell on the Earth and were captured by Life Foundation whose head is Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Carlton Drake then does a series of experiments in order to combine those symbiotes and the human body.

Meanwhile, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a journalist investigating this organization and an unintentionally had a Symbiote transferred into his body. This is where Brock met Venom and since then, Eddie has to fight against the evil Life Foundation while also coping with the brutal persona of Venom inside of him.

For the unversed, the Venom character was officially introduced to the movie lovers in Spider-Man 3 (2007) in which Eddie Brock was portrayed by Topher Grace. However, the film was underwhelmed in terms of their quality, and Venom was a faint depiction itself as it was built as a monotonous and lack-of-depth alien suit.

venom movie download Tom
The movie stars credited actor Tom Hardy as Venom/Eddie Brock

Venom movie download plot is quite simple and seems to follow a pattern like that of other superheroes movies: a normal human being has superpowers after getting in an accident. After that, the person has to get used to it and use their powers to fight the bad guys.

The situation of both the protagonist and antagonists are introduced quite crystal-clear and quickly from the get-go. Even the appearance of an alien living creature called symbiotes also shows up very soon and is gradually explained as the film goes on. Therefore, any audience can catch up with Venom.

The action movie also tries to bring in a number of details aiming to create some depths in meaning such as the investigation on Life Foundation’s illegal experiments. However, they are built quite sparsely with very little profundity. These details seem to only have the function of leading the plot for the protagonist.

The biggest highlight of Venom is the palatial and awe-striking performance of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. In the first half of Venom, Eddie Brock does not look so much like a hero material: he is decisive, has an idealistic pursuit of truth, but his behavior is rigid, hurried, and selfish.

Because of his mistake, he lost his career and even affected his girlfriend’s life. Tom Hardy's somewhat awkward, reckless, acting can initially make the audience feel frustrated. His character does not gain much sympathy, and the audience may think that the consequences for Eddie Brock are what he deserves.

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The film gives the audience a more impressive Venom version than in Spider-Man 3

Venom is an entity with a distinct perception and personality. Moreover, the character also possesses a flexible tongue and a jerky personality, which is very close to Eddie Brock's personality.

At first, Venom meets Eddie just to try to usurp and take advantage of his body, but then the two get closer as time passes by. The relationship between the two becomes a special connection.

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Venom provides the most intense scenes yet still has some comic relief moments in it

It is not a link between a hero and his sidekick or a regular buddy cop relationship. Both of them are not superheroes but two individuals who always stick with one another, conflicting yet supporting each other. That helps Venom become new and interesting compared to the works of the same genre in recent years.

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Enjoy the film with our Venom movie download link!

Fans of Marvel superhero movies will surely enjoy some of the small, familiar details in the movie, as well as the important new characters revealed in the short mid-credits.

To be fair, Venom is not as bad as what the film has to suffer from international critics. While there are still many issues with the script and poor editing, it surely provides an exciting and entertaining cinematic experience, with a simple story, a fast tempo, and a compelling action, and special features, especially a good juggling between a person - a monster.

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