Ten Questions Remain Unanswered After Avengers: Infinity War

Mina Muzumdar |Nov 12, 2018

There are many questions has been risen after the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

It has been 10 years since the first superhero movie of Marvel (Ironman) released and Avengers: Infinity War was a recap version for the whole series of MCU. Even the war has not finished yet, but we could predict what could happen in the upcoming series, Avenger 4. Meanwhile, instead of giving the answer, many questions about the fate of MCU's superheroes have been raised.

Below are the 10 most concerned questions that we may have the answers in the upcoming year.

What could be the title of the next Avengers?

Until now, the upcoming Avenger franchise is the fourth firm of Avenger series, that why most people call it Avenger 4. As an important movie which represents for a conclusion for Avenger series, Marvel must be careful when choosing a name. However, leaking information reveals that it could be named Avenger: Annihilation, Eternity or Infinity Gauntlet.

Photo 1 15330968904771669982379
Thanos snapped his finger and wiped out half of the Universe. However, his gauntlet was broken with serious injury in his arm

Did Valkyries and Krog die or still alive? And Where are they?

Asgardians had lots of bad luck. Being invaded by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok and finally, their hometown, Asgard, was destroyed by Surtur. Even escaped from the destruction, the decision of Loki when stealing an Infinity Stone was lead to the extermination of Thanos on the spaceship. To protect Thor, Loki was killed. Previously, Thor: Ragnarok revealed half of Asgardians had been killed but where is the rest of them? Valkyrie and Krog were also on the ship, did Thanos killed them?

Valkyrie Korg 1327056
Did Valkyries and Krog die or they survived after Thanos mass destruction?

Did half of the living beings in the universe really die?

There is no doubt that this is the main concern of everyone. With 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos achieved his dream when wiping out so many lives including superheroes like Spiderman, Black Panther, and even sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange. However, some theories proved that they still alive and being confined in the Soul Stone. Only when the Avenger 4 released, the question will be answered.

Avengers Infinity War Spider Man Death
Spider man's death in Avengers Infinity War scene

If superheroes and other lifeforms, who were affected by Mad Titan’s snap, are still alive, is there any way to bring them back?

As mentioned, there is a possibility that superheroes and live beings of the Universe, who were wiped out after the snap of Thanos, have not died yet, but trapped in the realm of the Soul Stone. This is a persuasive theory as after scarifying Gamora to have Soul Stone, he met her again, in form of a baby child, in a mysterious place where is supposed to be inside Soul Stone.  Nevertheless, Thanos still holds the Soul Stone. Another solution is to use the Time Stone to undo everything, but once again, Thanos still keeps Time Stone.

Thanos met young Gamora in soul world after killed half of the universe

In addition to using Infinity Stones, superheroes, who survived, can think of quantum realm which was described as a place where physic rules, time and space are unable to apply. However, there are not many characters mastered the knowledge about the quantum realm; Tony Stark was in a faraway planet, Hope's family was dead, and it seems to be that the destiny of the Universe is relying on talented scientists like Bruce Banner, Dr. Bill Foster (previous co-worker of Hank Pym), and the sister of Black Panther, Shuri.

Captain Marvel, where was she?

President of Marvel Studio introduced Captain Marvel as the strongest superheroes until now. In comic, she has the ability to foresee the danger from outer space, so, where was she when the Earth was being attacked by Chitauri army, Ultron, and Thanos' army? However, there are some differences between superheroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe and superheroes in comic. Therefore, the power of Captain Marvel in MCU and the reason why she was the only one Nick Fury contacted right the time being affected by the finger-snap of Thanos could be revealed in Captain Marvel's movie and Avenger 4.

Captain Marvel

Why did Dr. Strange exchange Time Stone for Tony Stark's life?

Doctor Strange stated that he will do anything to protect the Time Stone, even sacrificing Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Even though, in order to save Tony, he let Mad Titan had the Time Stone which helps Thanos took the Mind Stone from Vision. Additionally, there was a detail that Doctor Strange used Time Stone to see million possible chance to defeat Thanos and he only saw one in fifteen thousand. Until now, the root of his decision is a mystery. Was it because Tony Stark is the key to solve the mess?

Is Infinity Gauntlet still usable?

By coercing Eitri, Thanos owned a powerful weapon which can handle the extreme power of 6 Infinity Stones. Even though, it is clear that the gauntlet was damaged after activating 6 Infinity Stones and not sure if it is able to use again or not.

Hawkeye was not in Avenger: Infinity War, where was he?

Some leaked photos of firming area reveal that Hawkeye will be featured in the upcoming Avenger movie. Hawkeye is just a human, has no spell, magic or special superhero compound in his vein, but he is always ready for any battle of Avenger. Where was he when everyone was fighting again the attack of Thanos?

Will Hawkeye comeback in Avenger 4?

The planet Thanos teleported to, where is it?

Even almost dead under the strength of Thor with Storm Breaker, Thanos get what he desires and teleported to a planet with a beautiful sunrise. According to the content of the comic, this is an unnamed planet. So, how can Avenger know the location of Thanos if they want to revenge?

Will Galactus, a cosmic entity, come to Thanos for the mess he made?

Base on the comic’s storyline, in the Universe, there are entities and they are extremely powerful; Galactus is one of them. It is not surprising if they can fell the power released after Thanos snap his fingers. However, Fox is keeping the right of some Marvel's character including Galactus. Nevertheless, like Spiderman, no one could imagine MCU can take back the right and let Spiderman appear in Captain America: Civil War.

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