Game Of Throne Season 8 Prediction: Who Will Sit On The Iron Throne?

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 26, 2018

Game of Thrones Season has finally announced its release date in April 2019. The 30-second trailer begins with Cersei warning: “When you play the Game of Throne, you win or you die”. In fact, every season took the fans by surprise with twisted detail. Even we can’t know what is going to happen in the upcoming season, but that hasn’t stop fans from predicting the death in the final season.

Before the premiere of Game of Thrones season 8, here are all the predictions for the final famous HBO’s show.

Arya Stark – The last woman standing

The last shoot for Game of Thrones took place in July this year. As the shooting come to an end, cast member took to social media to say goodbyes and shared unforgettable memories. Maisie Williams, however, shared a picture of her blood-soaked sneaker with hashtag #lastwomanstanding.


Sean Bean, who played the role of Ned Stark in the first season, was convinced by the hypothesis that Arya would be the one to last the longest. Even more, in an interaction with Mashable, Sean believed that among all of his onscreen children, even if Jon Snow is still alive, Arya actually could be the one who take over the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow save the world from the White walkers

As part of an ancient prophecy, the Prince that was predicted as a messiah will emerge and save the world from the White walkers. However, the prophecy also mentioned that the Prince will come when there is a bleeding star.


Another convincing theory which believes to be the most possible outcome is that Jon Snow will sit on the Iron Throne. Previously in season 7, a shocking revelation was proved that John Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard but the son of Aegon Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Therefore, he is the real heir of the throne. Apart from that, he is the one who united the North and the truly leader of the life against the death. Thus, Jon Snow deserves to claim the Iron Throne

Queen Cersei Lannister will die at the hand of her brother

In the previous season, there was another prediction for the future of powerfull queen Cersei Lanister when she was still a young girl. Two of which become true as she married the Prince and non of her children is the King’s born. The last and most importantly was given by fortune teller was: “And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

This mean that Cersei Lannister’s life will be taken by her little brother.


In Maggy’s prophecy, she also said that ““gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds”. The golden shrouds here could be the finery that a royal-blood is wrapped when they die. Therefore, that could be the future of Cersei Lannister last child that she is carrying.

Khal Drogo will return

In Season 1, putting her faith in witch Mirri Maz Duur, Daenerys sacrified life of her child for a vegetative Khal Drogo. Daenerys then demanded the witch to tell her the truth when Khal Drogo will fully recover, Mirri answered: “When the sun rises in the west, sets in the east. When the seas go dry. When the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before.”


Mother of dragon took this prophecy as she would never has a child again and called her dragon as “the only children I’ll ever have”.

Nevetheless, fans are convincing by the theory that the queen will get pregnant and it lead to the return of Dothraki King Khal Drogo.

Tyrion Lannister is Targaryen’s born

In the original book, Tyrion Lannister was a figure with almost white hair which is a feature of Targaryens house. Also, in his early years, Tyrian also has the ‘dragon dream’ which also cited fans to the theory that he actually is a Targaryan’s born.


Bran Stark strapped in the past and become Night king

Bran Stark, the Three Eyed Raven has the ability to travel back in time. Though, there is an assumption that he might strapped in the past and unable to come back to the present. In order to change the present, he may use his warging powers to invade the First man’s mind, hence becoming the Night King.10>>> Related post: Game Of Thrones Download In Hindi Full HD Available FOR FREE!


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