'Dearth Of Representation Of Women's Strength In Films Is Frustrating', Says Amber Heard

DungCNT |Dec 18, 2018

Amber Heard said: "Women are finding solidarity and are refusing to be pitted against one another"

For Amber Heard, she thinks it seems that the Hollywood film industry tends to pit women against each other. Women become a part of an imaginary competition. However, it's far from the fact. The Aquaman actress says that women reject to get caught for one another and they are looking for solidarity to stand together.

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"Dearth Of Representation Of Women's Strength In Films Is Frustrating"

In an interview, the Aquaman actress who has starred as Mera, an Atlantis princess full of power and determination in Aquaman shared her thought with IANS. "In my life, the strongest people I know and the ones that I have learnt the most from have been women. And to see such a dearth of representation of that strength in films, in TV and in the entertainment industry across the board is really frustrating. I don't think it is... an accurate reflection of real life," said she.

Talking about gender equality and women's empowerment, she added "And now more than ever, it is the time when women are standing with one another. Women are finding solidarity and are refusing to be pitted against one another." Image result for Aquaman Actress Amber Heard Says 'Dearth Of Representation Of Women's Strength In Films Is Frustrating' "In Hollywood and many other places, women are often put up against one another in this sort of competition which they didn't sign up for. We see it in magazines an architectural presentation of women -- whether it is blonde or brunette or thin versus curvy," said Amber.

"There is always this rivalry which doesn't feel accurate at all in real life. Now more than ever we are standing with each other," said Amber.

The actress also contributes to some movements

The audience has known her through projects like TV series Friday Night Lights, the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, the fantasy action film Drive Angry, the comedy-drama film The Rum Diary, the zombie comedy film Zombieland and the romantic drama film The Danish Girl. She is gathering plaudits for her image of character Mera in Warner Bros production. Warner Bros will release the film on December 14 in India.

More than the glamour, she is making use of her celebrity to make changes as well as have the influence on some movements like #Metoo, Time's Up or issues about LGBT community and women's rights.

Amber Heard comes back with Aquaman

In Aquaman, there is a scene that Amber Heard stands with Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman starring as Queen of Atlantis Atlanna. They give help to each other. When mentioning this scene, Amber expresses her elation because she succeeds in getting across the image of women in her career supporting and standing together through her character in Aquaman. "I love that we present a unified force. We are not in competition with one another. I think that is a more accurate reflection of real life,"

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Basing on the DCEU's character of the same name, Aquaman has become a box office hit with a unique and creative theme of half-human. Aquaman tells us a story about half-Atlantean Arthur Curry by Jason Momoa, who is the king of Atlantis underwater world. His destiny is leading everyone and becoming a superhero. Besides the heart-warming story about family and love, this movie also spreads the messages relating to marine pollution to the audience.

"It is very important for me, both as an actor and a human being, to be a part of the change and to not play in this formulaic approach that we normally have while approaching female characters. As a person, I was so excited to see a superhero who is fierce, powerful, intelligent, driven, does what is right despite what it costs her, has strength and dignity -- and just so happens to be a woman. That is awesome," shared Amber Heard.


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