Armie Hammer Finally Gives An Apology For His Debatable Tweets About Stan Lee's Tribute

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 16, 2018

Armie Hammer voiced out his opinion about some of the celebrity's ways to commemorate and it turned out to be a mess. He finally had to apologize.

The famous actor Armie Hammer of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” and “Call Me By Your Name” has apologized for the controversial tweet that he had shared before.

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Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel’s comic book writer had passed away on Monday. When the news was broken out, many famous stars had posted tribute message on their social media in remembrance of the “Spider Man” and “Iron Man” father. Many of those messages included selfie photos of the celeb with Stan Lee, which made Armie Hammer felt uneasy. He did not like the idea of sending condolences with selfies because he thought that was a disrespectful act.

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The controversial tweet that Armie Hammer has deleted 

Armie did not stop at that point. In addition, he also said that if Stan Lee really had a large impact on someone, that person should post something related to Stan's works. Armie stated that the selfies were just a way to show-off. In his opinion, the celeb just wanted to show how cool he was to take a picture with Stan Lee. The "Call Me By Your Name" actor thought that was unacceptable. However, Armie got tons of disapproval backfired on him. One of those was Jeffrey Morgan, who had replied Armie in an ironical way. He pointed out that the actor just wanted to use the other's tribute messages to get some attention. It seemed like the hatred was such an overload that Armie had to delete his debatable tweets and posted an apology later.

In the apology, we can clearly see how Armie was aware of the current situation. He even knew the ironical tweet of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and he stated the tweet once again in his message. The actor finally gave out an apology from the bottom of his heart. Moreover, Armie Hammer also promised that he would control his act in order not to make the same mistake again.


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