Stephen Spielberg's Remake of Broadway Musical to Star Ansel Elgort as Tony?

Uthkarsh Anh |Oct 02, 2018

With the remake from Steven Spielberg and Ansel Elgort to play lead, we can expect 'West Side Story' to hit us once again!

News has it that Ansel Elgort will cast as Tony in the remake of  West Side Story, produced by Steven Spielberg

Ansel Elgort - the young actor - has been very famous in recent years. Audience has got to know him in films like The Fault in our Stars, Baby Driver, etc. This time, Ansel will pick up the main character in a remake of the famous Broadway musical, West Side Story.  The remake is expected to be a hit because it will be produced by Steven Spielberg. 

West Side Story 2
West Side Story

As seen in the original 'West Side Story'

'West Side Story', a love story about Tony, a street gang leader who fight for the love of his life.

The original musical drama was released in 1961 - almost 57 years ago. Now that one of the leading producers in the world, Steven Spielberg, has decided to remake the film. And according to a recent interview, Ansel Elgort will take his chance to cast for Tony - the protagonist of the film.

Ansel Elgort. Twitter @Marlen_Guti_Gut

Ansel Elgort.

Tony in 'West Side Story' is the founder of a street gang called 'Jets'.

The script was originally written by Larry Kert in 1957. At that time, it was a Broadway musical. The script was then written by Arthur Laurents. Leonard Bernstein took care of the music production, with songs lyrics crafted by Stephen Sondheim. At the time, 'West Side Story' was very successful. That is one of the results why later in 1961, Richard Beymer brought 'West Side Story' into the cinema as a movie.

Now in 2018, the remake script will be sculpted by playwright Tony Kushner. He has been known mostly for his work for Angels in America. Now with this cooperation with Steven Spielberg, Tony may also have a breakthrough chance.

Fans who have already seen the first version of 'West Side Story' will realize a fun fact.

It is that the story actually got inspiration from the ultimate love story 'Romeo and Juliet' - the iconic work of William Shakespeare's. Indeed, the story goes on about the street gang rivals: the Jets against the Sharks. They were both teenage gangs, with flames of youth fueling all the fights.

Later in the 1961 script, Richard Breymar created the character 'Tony'. Tony is the founder of the Jets, and this version has won so many prizes. At that time, the movie won 10 Oscars, which included best picture prize and best director prize.

Recently, Steven has been working on other projects.

One of these projects is Ready Player One - a science fiction film. In this film, Tye Sheridan was the main actor. Besides, fans love the film starring Meryl Streep alongside Tom Hands. 'The Post' - the name of this film - also stars Sarah Paulson.

Now with the remake from Steven Spielberg, we can expect great works too. In fact, Kristie Macosko Krieger and Kevin McCollum will cooperate with Steven Spielberg in production for this remake. It won't be until early summer of next year, 2019, that filming will start. Fans can sit still and await the drop!


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