Angelina Jolie Voices Up That “The World Needs More Wicked Women”

Nalini Suri |Aug 07, 2019

As a strong woman, actress Angelina Jolie penned her points of view at the women’s issues around injustices, threats and abuse and her desires for women empowerment.

The world is developing in many aspects yet getting down on several social sides including caring for women, and Angelina Jolie has shared her opinions of wicked women. For the Hollywood diva, wicked women are still women exhausted for living threats, abuse and injustice that the world needs more.

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In her essay for the September edition of Elle magazine, Angelina started with a query to feel her emotions:


The Maleficent star continued to write her thoughts down:


angelina jolie

As portraying many women’s shades throughout her acting career, none other than Angelina could understand deeply how a wicked woman has to suffer. Even when expressing their ideas on religious or political issues or simply dressing uncommonly, women have to go under many criticisms and accusations.

She went on her writing:


angelina jolie in maleficent 2

The actress will return to the box office screen with her well-known villain role in Maleficent franchise named Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. As a powerful character, she highly feels the “independence and creative energy of women” is considered generally as a “dangerous force to be controlled, often in the name of religion, tradition, or culture”.

She ended up her womanhood essay of claiming that


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Angelina Jolie’s off-screen life has collected many criticisms upon her options, starting from the time she dated with Brad Pitt who sealed a deal with actress Jennifer Aniston. Then the noise around her addiction to drugs had been the talk of the town or when she made a decision on marriage ending with Brad.


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