American Stunner Olivia Culpo Discloses Secrets To Maintain Her Lean Figure

Leela Adwani |Nov 20, 2019

She tries to keep her lifestyle healthy in order to avoid a ‘crash diet’.

Former Miss Universe, model, and actress Oliva Culpo is hailed as one the fittest celebs of the world and she recently went on record to spill some fitness and diet secrets to maintain her enviable body.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, the beauty revealed that being healthy is her priority, hence her fit body is hands down a by-product of that.

She tries to maintain her lifestyle healthy in order to avoid a ‘crash diet’. She said,

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Olivia further revealed her workout routine, where she gets into several times per week, and her focus is on full-body training. Running is her favorite kind of heart-accelerating exercises as she said that cardio is the key to getting abs. When she runs regularly, she can achieve abs as much as when she does regular ab exercises.

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However, not just running, doing barre, P.volve, and Pilates are also Olivia’s go-to workout exercises as they help her get toned arms and legs too.

The model also talked about the positive impact of stretching and how beneficial it is.

Speaking of her diet, the star disclosed that she normally sticks to a fixed diet which includes vegetables and protein. She is also keen on almonds and yogurt fruit. However, she admitted that she still has several cheating days.

Instagram is where she sometimes shares her healthy recipes which help her look so good. Recently, the stunner took to her Instagram handle to share delectable pictures of her breakfast bowl having granola and strawberries. In the caption, Olivia included detailed recipes for everyone easier to follow.


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