15 Beauties Who Were Linked With Justin Bieber Before Hailey Rhode Baldwin

Harshini |Sep 30, 2019

Justin Bieber is probably one of Hollywood casanovas because the number of lovers who he ever dated is enough to fill a long list.

So after a lot of waiting and anticipation along with three times of delaying, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin officially walked down the aisle today. From a famous Hollywood casanova, Justin decided to spend a sweet and peaceful life with his beautiful girlfriend.

Justin Bieber Hailey Bieber Vogue Cover March 2019

Before Hailey, Justin used to have a period of debauchery. The list of his official and rumored exes last for kilometers with 15 characters that can be said to make the most headlines from the press.

1. Caitlin Beadles

Caitlin Beadles

Before becoming a global phenomenon and being the long-time partner of singer and actress Selena Gomez, Justin once had a flirtatious love affair with Caitlin Beadles. She is the sister of his close friend whose name is Christian Beadles.

The two began their love affair when Justin flew from Canada to the United States to start a career with Usher. They regularly went to a local church. The trio (including Christian) that day was extremely close, but because of the busy schedule, Justin and Caitlin broke up.

Caitlin Beadles1

Later, Justin still always paid attention to the Beadles family. Especially, when Caitlin had a ship accident, he temporarily put aside his work to fly back to visit his former lover.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Jb1

Selena 1

The most persistent and most talked-about relationship of Justin Bieber that lasted over 10 years is Selena Gomez. The two started dating from 2010 and eventually split ways in 2018.

During those 8 years, the couple broke up and reunited again and again, causing the public to be bored and the media to spend too much ink on the romance.

Selena Jb

While Justin's mother was extremely pleased with the Disney princess, Selena's mother was not at all fond of Justin. Selena Gomez became a huge shadow that pressures any future love affair of the Baby singer.

3. Jessica Jarrell

Jessica Jarrell

During the time that he was still with Selena, Justin was rumored to be entangled with his close friend Jessica Jarrell. Jessica once collaborated on a music project with him and both of them had surprisingly close and emotional gestures. However, many fans still believe that he and Jessica were just friends.

4. Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin

Victoria’s Secret's famous and beautiful long-legged muse Barbara Palvin was once caught in the rumor of dating Justin in 2012 only because of a behind-the-scenes image. Barbara was thought to be one of the reasons Justin broke up with Selena then because the couple had been spotted going on dates, such as going to the Broadway theater to see The Lion King play.

5. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Another Victoria's Secret angel that is believed to have dated Justin is Miranda Kerr. The Hollywood media reported that Justin had flirted with and enthusiastically came on Miranda although at that time, Miranda was still married to Pirates of Carribean actor Orlando Bloom.

Miranda Kerr1

Orlando even had quite a fight with Justin. The reason for this was Justin provoked Orlando by telling indirectly about Miranda's skills in bed. Perhaps there is no need to mention the body of Miranda as she has been globally famous for her droolingly hot physique.

6. Adriana Lima

Jb Adriana

It seems that Justin Bieber had a past of fancying hooking up with VS angels. Adriana Lima was also a similar case when there was a picture taken of the two in the after party of Cannes Film Festival 2014. However, Adriana Lima then denied the rumor.

7. Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura1

Starting as a social network hot girl then becoming a model, Yovanna caught the eye of Justin Bieber thanks to her extremely hot body. Justin once publicly posted love photos with Yovanna on social networks.

Many fans of the singer were extremely irritated and with Justin's dating of a less-known beauty, who has nothing but "breasts and butt" like Yovanna.

8. Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore

In late 2014, early 2015, Justin dated model Ashley Moore during the breakup with Selena. Justin proved to be the one who publicly hit on the beauty before posting a very sexy picture of Ashley Moore on Instagram with the message: “Ash I see u in ur #Calvin’s.”


Later, paparazzi caught the couple intimately going on a date.

9. Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries had a “complicated time" with Justin from 2014 to 2016. Chantel was said to have a bad influence on Justin when he was convicted for 5 times.

Chantel Jeffries

Not only that, in the case Justin was touched by the police in 2014, Chantel was also an accomplice. She once shocked netizens when she posted nude pictures of the male singer with the message: "I love you, Justin".

10. Madison Beer



Discovered by JB on Youtube, Madison quickly became a favorite name of the same company with the Boyfriend male singer. With a hot body and intimate photos with Justin, Madison quickly became linked with dating rumors with Justin.

11. Kendall Jenner


2015 was probably the noisiest year of Justin's love affair. The male singer was said to date Kendall Jenner - the number 1 long-legged beauty in the model industry today.

Kendall Jb

Despite repeatedly denying the affair and asserting they were just friends, Justin - Kendall became the hottest couple in the entertainment industry in 2015. He is a famous singer, and she is a beauty that is the most sought after and popular in Hollywood.

12. Ariana Grande

Working in the same company, Justin Bieber initially spent a lot of time and efforts to help push Ariana’s reputation. The two were also got into dating rumor at the time.


Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande Making Music Toget

In the period when Ariana was still in a relationship with Big Sean, Justin Bieber raised a controversial issue as he appeared over comfortable with her on stage.

13. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

In 2015, Justin made the whole community shocked when he dated Kourtney Kardashian, the lady who is 15 years older than him. There were even rumors where Kourtney was said to be pregnant with Justin’s child.

14. Sofia Richie

Until 2016, Justin Bieber was a couple with Sofia Richie, famous singer Lionel Richie’s daughter. This could be deemed as a serious relationship of JB after the series of affairs with notorious beauties.


The two had a lot of mutual pictures. They also traveled to Japan and Mexico together. Justin even fought with his own fans and closed Instagram down because he witnessed his girl being disdained and criticized online.

15. Paola Paulin


Jb Paola

The source confirmed to Us Weekly in 2017 that singer Bieber and Ballers actress Paola Paulin were extremely smitten with each other after a few weeks of going to the same church in Beverly Hills.


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