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Hanima Anand |Jun 18, 2023

Most poker players are located in the US and the UK. They make up more than 50% of the market...

Online poker has grown in popularity since its inception back in 2009. Today, most sportsbooks and casinos offer this betting option. The majority use a downloadable App for mobile devices. There are, however, outfits that are dedicated to poker games.

Poker gambling is quickly closing the gap between sports betting and casino gambling.  While no one knows the exact number, it is a common belief that there are over 100 million active online real-money poker players distributed across the world this does not include more than over 13 million social poker players.

Most poker players are located in the US and the UK. They make up more than 50% of the market, and with continued poker shows and worldwide tournaments, the poker spirit is on the rise.

Gamers have flocked to online poker rooms or have visited live tournament settings. One such is hosted by the WSOP and is promoted throughout Europe and the US.

Most recently, other countries such as Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

Social Poker Is Influencing the Poker Spirit

Social poker website has done a lot in educating surfers on how to play poker. Website giants such as Facebook, via Zynga Poker, have reached more homes than all other efforts combined.

Zynga Poker is a free poker platform created for Facebook that has become the game source for many top web communities and social media such as Myspace and Google+. The games which were launched in 2007, stormed the virtual world and homes. The unprecedented growth of the platform propelled poker gaming to new heights.

Social poker creates interaction between gamers all over the world. They can challenge each other or choose to play along with the program  The poker suite was designed for free or social games and does not allow real gaming.  Although players can earn prizes and withdraw them as cash.  Players must provide evidence that they are adults as children are prohibited from playing.

Best Online Poker Games

How to Play Poker

Playing poker is not a complicated process and can be done in three ways

  • The player plays against the computer on a video poker or poker site
  • The game is conducted in a poker room with multiple players
  • The players participate in a tournament

Either way, the game is conducted using a deck of playing cards, and depending on the game a total of 2 -5 cards may be dealt to each player. Here is the process.

  1. The dealer deals the cards to each player who organizes his hand and makes his initial bet.
  2. The community cards are revised and this is then followed with more betting action.
  3. Once this round of betting ends, the dealers dish a fourth card to each player a third betting is introduced.
  4. This betting round climaxes with the dealer handing out the last card. The players now wager again.
  5. It is now show time. All remaining players will now reveal their hands.

It is that simple. However, Even though it may be easier to play online than with live poker. Online poker does not carry the pressure that being face to face with other players can exert.

However, at live tables, people may be scared into folding believing that the other players have danger hands that will outperform their own.  This may sometimes be a ‘bluff’ or a player remaining and betting high without having a high winning chance.

Tournament Spirit

Players at a live table, especially in poker tournaments, are driven by what is called the ‘Bond Spirit’. Players may choose to try tactics commonly seen in Agent 007 movies. They may bluff, raise the bids, and stay the ride with their hands.

Tournaments are won by points and levels. Each group is considered based on the professionalism and expertise of the players. Pre-selection allows for elimination or knockout rounds in a bid to establish finalists.

The WSOP is the largest promoter of poker tournaments and is mostly a propaganda show for expanding poker reach. It also aims to find or flush out otherwise hidden cultural icons. These may include professional sports players, movie stars, politicians, entrepreneurs, and local or social pillars.

The WSOP also uses influencers to enhance its promotional agenda. These groups tend to use their social followers to create flares about upcoming tournaments, providing news awareness and chatter.

Famous Poker Outfits

There are many worthy sportsbooks that fall into the worthy poker site mentions. These may include betCRIS, Bodo, and  bet365. However, none of them has done as much for poker and its expansion as Intertops.

Maybe you have not heard of them or if you have, may not know what you are about to read.

Once upon a time about thirty years ago,  in 1983, an offshore betting shop launched a worldwide portal. It began by processing telephone wagers on almost all North American sports including National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Later in 1996, climaxed with a new trend. Micro Gaming created its online betting platform, and tons of sportsbooks, including Intertops went virtual.  The casino continued to offer sports wagering but also chose to offer other betting options such as a casino. Then in 1998 also integrated online poker.

Intertops have been the historical pacesetter in many ways. It has led the casino industry into new spheres. Here are some notable achievements of its history.

  • Among the first betting outfits to establish online gambling
  • The first virtual German casino
  • The very first sportsbook to process online bets
  • In 2000 launched the first mobile casino App for smartphone betting

Intertops became one of the first sponsors of the WSOP and has funded poker tournaments every year since then. the contribution of this online gambling giant can not be ignored as it continues to help poker players find a gaming home.

About Intertop: In 2021, Intertops changed its name to Everygame and withdrew from the German market after 30 years of operation. The company is located in Antigua and Barbuda but has an operating license in Kahnawake Gaming Commission, US.


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