Zareen Khan Reacts To Slapping The Man Who Tried To Touch Her Inappropriately At A Store Launch

Maanyata Thu |Jan 13, 2019

‘I Felt Someone Is Trying To Touch Me, I Gave It Back', Zareen Khan talked about her horrible experience at a store launch when someone tried to touch her inappropriately

Currently, Bollywood actress Zareen Khan had a terrible incident in Aurangabad, in which the actress was attacked by the crowds. Zareen Khan attended one store launch event in Aurangabad and everything became worse as the crowds got uncontrollable and mobbed her. In the midst of the crowds, one man made attempt to touch her in an inappropriate way and the actress immediately turned round and slapped the man and then quickly ran into her car.

This was definitely a horrible experience for any woman. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Zareen Khan opened up about this terrifying incident as well as shared her viewpoint.


Zareen Khan Talked About Her Incident In Aurangabad

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Zareen Khan Talked About Sick Mentality Ones Who Make Attempt To Touch Female Inappropriately

She said that those people who wanted to grab you or touch you in such inappropriate behavior and they somehow just took away the admiration and love that other people were giving you.

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Zareen Khan Talked About Women’s Safety In General

The actress said that these things not only happened to a celebrity but also to all women.

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Zareen Khan Gave It Back When Someone Tried To Touch Her In An Inappropriate Way

According to Zareen Khan, in spite of police and bodyguards, the crowds sometimes was out of control as it was big and you were unable to see anyone’s faces. She stated that when she had felt someone who was trying to touch her, but before they could do anything else she had given back and everyone could see it in the clip.

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