Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: "Queen" Kangana Ranaut Shares Diet And Fitness Secret To Flat Tummy

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 08, 2019

Besides being a Bollywood superstar, Kangana is also well-known as a fitness freak who entered Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body in this year. Here is everything you need to know about her secret to a perfectly toned body!

Being well-known as an undisputed talent actress or a controversial queen of Bollywood, it's hard for everyone to deny Kangna Ranaut's charisma.

The 32-year-old actress who bagged for herself 3 national film awards also made it to the Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. Obviously, she is not only working hard in her professional but also constantly training at the gym for her appealing appearance.

Kangana Bikini

The actress also has a strong belief that fitness is a way of life. Talking about her motivation to stay in tip-top shape, the actress told Indian Express:


Here is everything you need to know about her secret to a perfectly toned body!

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Maintain regular workout session

Kangana Ranaut is quite disciplined about her workout routine as the beauty hit the gym 5 days a week. Her fitness schedule normally includes weight training, cardio exercise, strength training and a must-have session which is Yoga.

Also, her favorite exercise is push-up, pull-ups, and squat. Adding to her regular session are 45 minutes with Yoga which help her to maintain her toned body while relaxing her mind and recharge energy after days of the long working hour.

She is a big fan of pilates

Pilates is quite similar to Yoga. While Pilates focuses on strength, body control, muscle toning and the aim to develop core strength, Yoga's main emphasis is flexibility.

However, both Pilates and Yoga have several poses that are helpful to tone the abdominal muscles. But if you want a faster result, Pilates with more intense exercise will help you to achieve your body goal in a shorter time.

Kangana Ranaut's workout schedule

Here's a breakdown to the Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body actress's workout schedule to have a perfectly toned body.


Monday: Running, push-ups/pull-ups, squats
Tuesday: Kickboxing or hill-training and stretching exercises
Wednesday: Take a break
Thursday: Abs workout, hurdle training, or exercises for lower back and sprinting drills
Friday: Yoga or Pilates and mediation
Saturday: PHA training (Peripheral heart action training)
Sunday: Take a break


Kangana Ranaut's diet plan

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Apart from maintaining a regular gym session, the star also shared that diet plan also play a crucial role in building a nice figure. In her diet plan, Kangana Ranaut highlighted that she always stay away from junky food which is very oily and has a bad impact on her health.

Furthermore, food that contains a lot of fatty and oil also can lead to heart problem because it increases significantly cholesterol levels. Therefore, the actress has a strict diet plan and here is what she normally consume every day.

Kangana Den Trang

For breakfast, Kangana often takes something which is rich in fibre and keeping cholesterol under control while maintaining blood sugar levels such as porridge (daliya) or whole-grain cereal.

The actress also spilt her meal to small portions as she also has mid-day or evening snack. For a mid-day snack, the Judgemental Hai Kya actress will have either fresh fruits or protein shake to provide vitamins, mineral or adequate amount of protein for her active day.

Kangana 3

At lunchtime, boiled vegetables or salad with rice/roti are her top choice of meal. The actress also believes that stick to her basics is the key to a healthy diet.

Before dinner, Kangana said she needs a filler such as brown bread. For dinner, she strictly takes only light dinner such as boiled vegetables or salad with a boiled egg.


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