These Lastest Viral Photos Of Madhuri Dixit Prove Her Timeless Beauty

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 14, 2019

These Madhuri Dixit looks in saree will make you fall into with her immediately. Don't believe it? Check out these viral photos for proof!

These Madhuri Dixit looks in saree will make you fall into with her immediately. You don't believe it? Check out these viral photos for proof!

Recently, our Dhak Dhak star decided to back to the fashion game with an on-point gold saree. After having been posted, these pictures immediately became viral and drove fans crazy. The Dil actress, once again, proves that she owns an ageless beauty. Every time Madhuri shows up, she actually knows how to make the public jaw drop.

Madhuri Dixit latest photos
Who can believe that she is a 52-years-old woman?

You certainly will not be able to take your eyes off her lastest pictures in which she took the traditional saree into a whole new level. Admittedly, she looked so shining in this nude-color saree with golden dedicated embroidery.

Coming along with the luxurious dress are heavy gold earrings, bangles together with a set of rings. About her makeup, Madhuri Dixit created accents through sexy red tint on the lips.

Madhuri Dixit latest photos
The heavy golden embroidery saree has 'ton sur ton' accessories

She posted with a simple caption: “Shine on my mind (sic)”. Keep on scrolling down to admire her other charming looks in traditional Indian costume.


Madhuri 1

Madhuri 2

On the work front, her lastest movie is Kalank which has reached the number of 145.62 crores at the box office. In this film, she took the role of Bahaar Begum who is a courtesan. The character, later, quickly received a lot of compliments from the public, partially thanks to the great acting skill of Madhuri. Moreover, Kalank is also a chance for fans to witness the on-screen reunion of Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri after 25 years.

Madhuri Dixit latest photos
Sanjay Dutt shared that he wants to work with Madhuri Dixit more

In an interview, Madhuri explained the chemistry with her Sadak co-star, she shared that while shooting for the romantic scenes, they pulled each other's leg the way they used to do before. How adorable! The 90s actress said that he calls her 'ma'am'. Even though the almost-60-year-old stars both have children now, they still have endless conversations together.

Madhuri Dixit latest photos


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