Nora Fatehi Hot Unseen Bikini Photos That Will Leave You Gasping For Air

Salena Harshini |Jun 18, 2020

Nora Fatehi is famous for her irresistible dance moves and her voluptuous figure is what makes her steps even more breathtaking. Check out the hottest pics and video here!

From the wild card of Bigg Boss Season 9, Nora Fatehi has now risen as one of the hottest dancers and actresses of Bollywood. Mesmerizing the buzz with her hotness quotient and hypnotizing dance moves, Nora Fatehi bikini images or in every type of dress is every bit gorgeous and she can make anyone go cray-cray over her. So, let’s not hesitate any second more and take a look at Nora Fatehi hot moments and interesting facts about the starlet.

Nora Fatehi sexy photos to give you a treat for the eyes

Within a short time, the 28-year-old actress has carved a niche for herself as the most outstanding dancers with back-to-back Bollywood hits like Manohari, Dilbar, Kamariya, O Saki Saki, Ek toh Kam Zindagi and the most recent number Garmi for the dance movie Street Dancer 3D.

Nora Fatehi was deemed as an outsider as no one from her family works in the entertainment industry and she is actually a Moroccan Canadian with an Indian-rooted mother. It's Nora Fatehi hot bikini pics that play an important role to bring her names closer to Bollywood fans.

Nora-Fatehi-Hot 1
Nora Fatehi bikini photo is a superior look

She revealed in the Starry Night Gen Y talk show that her family was not so well-off and the actress had no choice but to work at a very young age to help make ends meet. She also added that she started working when she was a high-schooler. However, the model has never imagined Nora Fatehi sexy photos would be sought after like today.

Nora-Fatehi-Hot 2
Leopard mini dress to flaunt her enviable curves to the maximum

For the uninitiated, her very first job was a retail sales associate in the mall next to her school. She worked there as she could reach the place right after school. She was 16 at that time and working was inevitable as her family had many financial issues.

From being staff at a clothing store, working as a waitress to selling lottery tickets, Nora Fatehi did everything in her ability to take care of her family. Should the actress realizes her strength soon, she could have sold these Nora Fatehi bikini images to make ends meet in the old days.

Nora-Fatehi-Hot 3
Nora Fatehi hot bikini pics can make every man go weak.

Having a passion for entertainment since a very long time ago, she decided to move to Mumbai to pursue an acting career. She hit the spotlight after appearing in Bigg Boss 9 back in 2015. Nora Fatehi hot lady officially became a mainstream name after featuring in the remake version of Dilbar Dilbar.

Nora-fatehi-hot 4
People are strongly impressed with Nora Fatehi hot voluptuous curves

Her sharp and bold dance steps are beyond description. Her eye-catching belly dance in Satyameva Jayate’s Dilbar earned her the spotlight as well as compliments from Bollywood folks.

She is considered the best item dancer at present. Nora Fatehi hot dancing is why she is said to be even better than contemporary stars like Jacqueline Fernandez and Shraddha Kapoor.

For the unknown, she also made it to Top 50 Most Desirable Women.

Nora-fatehi-hot 5
We bet that not many of you have seen this Nora Fatehi sexy photo!

The star has natural talent, proven by the fact that she taught herself to dance, and she can pull off any style of dancing.

In the acting bit, Nora has partaken in quite a number of movies as supporting roles, such as Batla House and Bharat. The latest silver screen project of her is Street Dancer 3D starring Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan.

Nora-fatehi-hot 6
Nora in bikini always gained massive likes on Instagram

Recently, good news has come to Nora Fatehi as she has become the most followed Moroccan artist on Instagram. Gaining 13.7 million followers, she gained the title after defeating American-Moroccan rapper French Montana who has 12.6 million followers.

With Nora Fatehi hot photos and videos on her Instagram page, along with the budding fame she is gaining over time, it is understandable why she attained the title. Having said that, Nora Fatehi bikini pics are not the major factor to get her this title because any woman could do the same.

The actress said that it is a big deal to be the most followed Moroccan artiste in the world. To her, it is a big achievement and she owes it to her followers and loyal fan base.

Nora-fatehi-hot 7
Nora Fatehi bikini is extremely impressive, although we have to say that she looks much healthier now after putting on some weight

Meanwhile, her steamy moments include Nora Fatehi hot bikini pics, Nora Fatehi photoshoot, and others. As she has a topmost ideal body shape, she can make any lady jealous and any man drool over her curves.

These Nora Fatehi images, Nora Fatehi bikini snaps along with the hottest Nora Fatehi sexy photos, you just can’t help gorging at her.

Nora-fatehi-hot 8
She totally slays this black lingerie dress

Also, check out some of the lesser-known facts about this scalding lady:

  • Although she has been into entertainment since she was very young, Nora Fatehi was never behind in class. The actress used to be the top scorer in school.
  • During her first days living in Mumbai, she lived with 8 other girls in an apartment.
Nora-fatehi-hot 9
Every best figure on her body is flaunted with this graceful look
  • Her family never wanted her to venture into Bollywood. They wanted her to do a normal job.
  • She was in charge of her household after her parents got divorced.
  • Not many know that Nora Fatehi and Disha Patani are close friends. Both of them are the sexiest stunners of Bollywood.
Nora-fatehi-hot 10
The beauty of these two stunners and best friends, Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi, is out of this world
  • She got cheated by an advertisement agency: they never paid her for her work and even kept her passport.
  • Nora Fatehi has been rejected a lot of times and was even humiliated in auditions for not possessing good Hindi speaking skills.

Well, how the tables have turned!

Nora-fatehi-hot 11
Nora Fatehi now proves that she can everything if she puts her mind to it

Acting-wise, she will be seen next in Bhuj: The Pride of India alongside Ajay Devgn.

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