When Nidhhi Agerwal And Others Rock Dynamic Outfits Post Diwali, Sara Stays Loyal To Her Elegant Traditional Dress

Hanima Anand |Nov 19, 2020

Born in a royal family makes Sara Ali Khan a much different girl from other actresses. Instead of flaunting her body in sexy modern outfits, Sara is more inclined towards ethnic designs.

After the auspicious festival of Diwali, most celebrities return to their daily outfits which are dynamic and more revealing than the traditional ones. However, there’s a girl that remains loyal to her regal look and that’s no one but Sara Ali Khan.

Sara Ali Khan Instagram Photos
Modern or conventional? Each style has its own attraction!

Having said that, whatever these Indian beauties are wearing, their poise can steal your heart at the very first glance!

Nidhhi Agerwal

Standing out from the list is Niddhhi Agerwal, the popular South Indian actress and dancer. She works mostly in Telugu and Tamil movies but she also appears in some Hindi films.

Post Diwali, Nidhhi opts for a dynamic but no less girly white crop-top in combination with a pair of jeans. The actress poses against a simple background to highlight her chic look.

Nidhhi Agerwal Latest Instagram Pic 1
Nidhhi seems to be born for this chic style.

In another Nidhhi Agerwal recent Instagram photo, she was seen wearing an off-shoulder pinkish dress. The sexy dancer scores maximum in this dreamy alluring style.

Nidhhi Agerwal Latest Instagram Pic 2
Her dreamy eyes and full lips are the highlights in this pic.

Nushrat Bharucha

Nushrat Bharucha is no longer a young name in Bollywood, but her youthful fashion inspires many emerging stars.

Nushrrat Bharucha Latest Instagram Pic 1
If you need an idea for your street look, learn from Bharucha!

In her recent photoshoot, Nushrat Bharucha dons a blue jumpsuit with simple patterns. Her hairstyle and the invisible high-heels complete the look perfectly.

Nushrrat Bharucha Latest Instagram Pic 2
Can you believe this woman already clocks her 35th birthday?

Reem Sameer Shaikh

Reem Sameer Shaikh is breathing a new wind into Indian TV series. The 17-year-old actress, with her talent and distinctive fashion statements are proving her status in the town despite her young age.

Reem Sameer Latest Instagram Pic 1
The young TV actress looks all grown-up in this sexy pose.

Representing a new generation, Reem Sameer often goes for modern outfits, typically seen in jeans and simple monotone top. Her favorite photo posing is resting on her bed while covering part of her face with one arm.

Reem Sameer Latest Instagram Pic 2
When you are too lazy for a photoshoot, just adopt this posing from Reem Sameer!

If you’re looking for a fashionable pose, refer to Reem Sameer’s Instagram for more suggestions!

Sara Ali Khan

Here we are, the girl of modesty and traditions. Unlike other girls who rush to their modern wardrobes after the festival, Sara continues to embrace the Indian beauty in the traditional dress.

Sara Ali Khan Latest Instagram Pic 1
Sara distinguishes herself from the rest with her undeniable royal charm.

No sexy items, but Sara Ali Khan storms the Internet with her backless design and a regal look.

Sara Ali Khan Latest Instagram Pic 2
Even when she doesn't wear revealing clothes, you can still feel her sexiness.

That doesn’t mean Sara is shy away from wearing modern street-wear. Think twice when you see this photo below!

Sara Ali Khan Latest Instagram Pic 3
She knows how to look fresh if necessary.

Anyway, each woman owns their unique beauty that can’t be compared with others. Whether they are wearing menswear or ethnic dresses, the beauty is always in the eyes of beholders.

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