Mohammad Nazim Doesn't Miss Fitness Goals Even In The Month Of Ramzaan

Mohnish Singh |May 22, 2019

Fitness freak Mohammad Nazim never misses going to the gym even in the month of Ramzaan, which makes sure inspire your fitness routine.

Despite fasting for Ramzaan throughout the day, actor Mohammad Nazim makes sure to go to the gym regularly.

Mohammad Nazim says that he likes to go to the gym as it is part of his daily routine.

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In fact, here are some tips which Mohammad Nazim gives to be able to observe Roza efficiently without getting tired.

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Mohammad Nazim Latest Pic In Red

He adds,

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Talking about what he eats, Mohammad Nazim says,

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Nazim At Iftari Time

Mohammad Nazim loves this holy month.

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Images and story sent by artist's PR.


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