Malaika Arora Shows You How To Put On The Hardest-To-Wear Outfits

Kimmy Karima |Jul 17, 2019

Malaika Arora seems like the most-everything lady. Her choices of outfits are always the best. Let’s see what we can learn from everyone’s favorite diva.

If you talk about the most fashionable celebrities of Bollywood, you can’t leave Malaika Arora out. At the age of 45, she looks enviably young, fit, and energetic. No doubt why she can make everyone stop and look every time she appears.


On the red carpet or the street, Malaika’s style never disappoints. She may be chic, bold or sweet, anything but boring. Even with the fashion items that seem so hard to wear, she can still make the best of them. There are photos to prove that!

Never buy a big red belt? Wrong!

A red belt and a red pair of heels – astonishing!

A red belt seems to be so out-of-style. But not when it belongs to Malaika Arora. In her latest outing, Malaika wore a colorful short dress, which suited her so well. Her red belt here went perfectly with her red heels. It didn’t dominate but complimented her overall look. Malaika’s classic hairstyle and red lipstick gave her appearance a delicate balance.

Don’t fear the neon lime green!

Neon lime green looks so good on Malaika.

Neon lime green is the most challenging color to put on. But Malaika made it awesome by mixing her neon lime green outfit with a pair of white sneakers. The sophisticated went along perfectly with the basic. That may be Malaika’s formula?

Metallic gold doesn’t make you look old!

Our classy lady!

Many people don’t like the metallic gold color because they think it’s too overwhelming to look at. Here Malaika shows you what that color goes well with. A plain blacktop is an ideal choice. The minimal top and the dashing long skirt gave Malaika such an elegant look.

Malaika and her beau, Arjun Kapoor.

Aside from being a fashion icon, Malaika also makes headlines because of her romance with much younger actor Arjun Kapoor. About this, Malaika said: “The age difference doesn’t really pop up when you are in a relationship. It is about two minds and hearts connecting.” Besides, she also made a special appearance in the film Pataakha (2018).


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