Jacqueline Fernandez Illuminates Her Fans’ Skin Matters Sharing Her Lightweight Beauty Tips And Hacks

Nalini Suri |Jul 17, 2019

Jacqueline Fernandez has shared her amazing beauty tips and hacks with her fans to solve their skin problems. Certainly, this article will be useful for you, too!

The beauty from Sri-Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez is famous for her bright skin and adorable hair but she also deals with some skin problems. Recently, she advertised her bare face in a black and white snap with a caption:


Jacqueline Fernandez 1

By receiving a certain amount of likes on all of her natural photos, Jacqueline replies to the beauty queries from her fans in the comment section under her posts. As sharing her beauty experience with some useful tips and hacks, the actress gave us a new driving of secret beauty as below!

Solve the problem of oily skin

Jacqueline Fernandez 2

When a fan raised a concern that “My skin is so oily, what can I do?”, Jacqueline honestly replied


Care on healthy and beautiful skin

Jacqueline Fernandez 3

To answer the very normal question on how to reach the standard of beautiful and healthy skin, the 34-year-old actress suggests her fans to drink plenty of water and join yoga classes.

Remove acne scars

Jacqueline Fernandez 4

Sharing about this, Jacqueline commented


What a simple way of hiding scars!

Soap to use for acne-prone skin

Jacqueline Fernandez 6

She unveils to use the herbal products as their nature is so lightweight to the skin. Especially for pimples, Jacqueline suggests her fans to apply apple cider vinegar.

Reduce open pores

Jacqueline Fernandez 5

She shared:


and recommends to apply ice on the face and use a suitable toner to reduce open pores.

Treat pimples

Jacqueline Fernandez 7

The actress thinks that the cause of pimples is sugar so we need to cut it down. Besides, she advises not to touch them to turn the case worse.

Clear skin

Jacqueline Fernandez beauty

Jacqueline forwards her idea that:


The above tips and hacks for beauty from Jacqueline Fernandez surely will lie in your fresh method of becoming as beautiful as the pageant.


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