Ira Khan Flaunts Her Stunning Body In The Latest Photoshoot To Say “What A View”

Ankita Chetana |Dec 16, 2019

Nature is all blurred thanks to Ira Khan’s hot look in her latest photoshoot with a blue-violet sexy dress which shows her attractive figure. See the pics!

Born to superstar Aamir Khan, none other than Ira Khan has been immensely expected to continue her father’s career over Bollywood. However, in reverse to what people looked forward, the young girl started her professional life as a play direction. Nevertheless, fans have been asking her to join the acting career after seeing her pictures from the recent photoshoot.

Ira Khan 3

On Sunday, Ira shared several pictures showing herself donning a backless dress in blue-violet color on Instagram. The dress especially emphasized her stunning body with a thigh-high chisel. Amongst the pictures she shared, the actress is seen making a sexy pose for the camera on the background of cloudy sky and granary hills.

Ira Khan 1

Ira Khan’s debut in the venture of a director named Euripedes’s Medea was initially shown in Mumbai and has been receiving positive feedbacks through the days. Sharing the video of her play on Instagram, she expressed her excitement to introduce her project after several months of working on it. She had to keep silent about her dream for such time but now, she can roar to the world that she did it.

The play goes under actress Sarika’s NautankiSa Productions whereas the main role will be essayed by Hazel Keech. Furthermore, Ira Khan’s brother Junaid will also play an important role in the project.

Euripides Medea

Ira Khan 2

Earlier during an interview, Mr. Perfectionist shared with Hindustan Times about his pride in his children to create their careers by themselves. They haven’t asked him for any assistance even when they had told him about their plans. He continued to say that as a father, he felt a bit worried about them but still hoped to see their best results.


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