Fashion GURU: 5 Ways To Rock The Twinning Trend

Alia Thao |Oct 27, 2019

Twining trend is getting more popular among young people. However, matching outfits with your outfits can not reveal your identity and make you guys look the same. There are some simple ways to help you rock the twinning trend.

Twining trend is absolutely not new but it is gaining popularity among young girls recently due to its glamorous appearance on social media. Matching outfits with your bestie has become a stormy and interesting style in the fashion scene.

This trend first came up from the K-Pop wave of South Korea. Mixing and matching your outfits can sometimes hide your real signature and make you look alike each other. But there are some simple tips and tricks to help you rock the twinning trend. Check it out!

One-color palette, multiple outfits

This way can go for the twining look without being too apparent. No matter what fashion taste you and your friend have, you just need to stay within the same color palette. So you guys can choose any different types of outfits while it comes to styling. Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner are entirely glamorous in the twin look.

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Match your fabrics

Here’s a simple example to give you a better understanding of this tip. If you choose a stylish eyelet white cotton dress, your bestie can wear a white top with similar eyelet detail. Coordinating your outfits with this tip will give both of you a lot of choices to experiment with different styles.


Top to bottom! Bottom to the top!

Swapping the color of your outfit with your friend can make a fun experience. You can wear an adorable baby pink top with a pastel top while your BFF rocks a baby pink skirt and a pastel blue top.

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Think out of the box

When it comes to a twin-win look, the first thing you think about must be dressing in the tandem. However, there are many other ways that you can apply the twinning trend. What about owning 2 matching phone covers? You and your bestie will carry similar phones pretty much everywhere.


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Bring out those accessories

There are various ways in which you can elevate your twinning trend without wearing the same outfits from head to toe. Add a pair of matching tribal jhumkas earring to your look for that will create a delicate twinning look.

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So there you have your own useful guide in rocking this trend. The last thing we want you to remember that the twinning game is not only replicating each other's outfits. Don’t strive to look identical! You guys should keep your signature style. Make sure that your individual personality will shine through your matching outfit.


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