Check Out These Hottest Denim Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2020

Ariana Linh |Aug 17, 2019

Want to look good for 2020? Finding a pair of jeans that works for you is quite a hassle, but don't fret and check out these denim trends that will be hugely popular in the coming year!

It's already been 8 months since 2019 started. 4 more months and it's a new year. Every new year comes to the struggle of finding things to wear that are fashionable and hip and "in vogue".

Well, we've got you covered for 2020, as we took a deep dive into one of the biggest conundrums of fashion: Jeans. Discovering a pair of jeans that work for you is quite a hassle, but don't fret and check out these denim trends that will be hugely popular in the coming year!

Carpenter Jeans

Denim Carp

Carpenter Jeans are the combination of cargo pants and military clothes, with its many pockets and straps and loops for your keys. Best of all, it fits all situations. From casual events to when you're doing hard work on a garden, carpenter jeans will make you look fashionable and feel comfortable.

Asymmetrical Jeans

Denim Celine

Want to go to a party and flare your style while also have a pair that fit? Try Asymmetrical Jeans. Celine Dion started this trend of mismatched denim, and it has gone viral ever since. I mean, a combination of the ever-popular skinny jeans and bootcut jeans? Who wouldn't love that?


Denim Patchwork

The patchwork jeans. These fashion statements are quite difficult to come by, as it requires considerable effort to find a pair that looks good on you. There are many styles of patchwork jeans to choose from, from contrasting washes, or subtle patched-on details like layered pockets. Major designers worldwide are implementing patchwork in a plethora of apparel besides denim, and if you can't find one on the market that suits your needs, sew one yourself.

"Jnco" Jeans

Denim Jnco

JNCO, or "Judge None Choose One", is the brand most commonly associated with the late-’90s fashion trend of wide-legged jeans often seen on teenage boys at the time. Since then, JNCO jeans has received quite an upgrade, making them the next-hot-thing for 2020.

Pastel Jeans

Denim Pastel

Pastel is the color of spring, and you can't go wrong with soft shades of pink on your legs to start off 2020. Although you would usually see pastel on dresses or sandals, denim can go great with the color too as a sort of contrasting extremities. On one hand, you have the stiff fabrication of jeans, and on the other, the soft alluring sweetness of pastels.


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