Meet Katrina Kaif Doppelganger & How She Feels About Being A Copy Version Of Superstar

Leela Adwani |Nov 17, 2020

Fans are obsessed with Katrina Kaif's talent, beauty and now, her doppelganger has also been identified in a form of social media star Alina Rai.

Katrina Kaif is touted as a stunner in the B-town. She owns an ocean of fans that all thanks to her acting talent, mesmerizing looks, high-fashion style, and a body to die for. It’s not far off the mark to say she is one of the biggest divas in the film industry. Fans are obsessed with her talent, her beauty and now, her doppelganger has also been identified in a form of social media star Alina Rai.

Katrina Kaif Doppelganger Ft
Guess who is Katrina Kaif and who is her lookalike?

For those who are unversed, it was Katrina’s fans who spotted Alina on Tiktok where she is also an influencer. Katrina Kaif doppelganger and the actress share an uncanny resemblance.

Katrina Kaif Doppelganger
Alina Rai is a social media influencer with more than 100k followers on Instagram and a former Tiktok star

Not just this, she is a hot Instagramer with more than 110k followers on this photo-sharing platform. She is a fashionista on this social media site where she treats her fans with stunning and on-point outfits. Like many other Bollywood celebrities, she has never ceased to give us a source of inspiration. Alina frequently shares photos of herself in several dresses.

Katrina Kaif Doppelganger 2
Many people are shocked by the similarities between Alina and Katrina

In a recent interview with Times of India, she opened up on being Katrina Kaif doppelganger.

She stated that she didn’t want her to be the reason why other people know her as Katrina’s lookalike as she has her own identity and her own looks.

Katrina Kaif Doppelganger 3
Alina wants people to know her as who she is rather than a doppelganger of Katrina

On asking her feelings when always being called the lookalike version of Katrina, Alina said,

“I would love to be known as ‘Alina Rai’ and not Karina’s lookalike. I would like people to love me for who I am and the space I am creating for myself individually.”

How do you think about this similarity? Let us know in the comment section below!

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