A Feast For Your Eyes: These Are Some Of The Best Items In Raashi Khanna’s Wardrobe

Kimmy Karima |Sep 10, 2019

India is lucky to have so many good-looking and talented actresses. One of them is Raashi Khanna, who is one of the trendiest too. It’s such a feast for our eyes to have a look at her beautiful outfits.

Among so many actresses, Raashi Khanna is not one of the veterans. She had her first role in thriller film Madras Café in 2013, then was a cameo in Manam in 2014. After that, she was in various financially successful films, like Bengal Tiger (2015), Supreme (2016), Jai Lava Kusa (2017) and Tholi Prema (2018).

Right from the start, Raashi proved that she was serious with her film career by taking acting workshops before playing the role of Ruby Singh in Madras Café. Which made her deservingly receive praise from the reviewers.

From then on, every time she is offered a script, she spends a lot of time to really get to know her character, to be able to give the best performance possible. With such an admirable attitude, it’s understandable that many directors like to work with her.

Raashi Khanna
Raashi is working hard to establish herself as a serious actress. Photo: Instagram.

Apart from her talents and good working ethics, Raashi is also a gorgeous girl with the best sense of style. She seems to always know how to choose the prettiest fashion items. Just go around her Instagram and you’ll see how stunning Raashi is and how she makes every outfit become even nicer.

Wait no more, give your eyes a feast:


Raashi Khanna

Well, Raashi in an edgy see-through dress is exceptionally sexy, though she also wears a cute undergarment so not to reveal too much. The little flowery decorations on the transparent dress go very well with the red shade of her undergarment. All in all, Raashi is so feminine that our hearts get tender just looking at her.


Raashi Khanna

That short blouse with sophisticated sleeves makes all the difference. Does Raashi look like a blooming flower, or a magnificent bird spreading its wings? In fact, she wrote the caption: "Phoenix feels!". So Raashi thinks of herself as a phoenix with this outfit. Do you see the rising phoenix too? A beautiful and powerful one, which is ready to fly!


Raashi Khanna

This outfit is for the sea, as Raashi herself wrote: "Vitamin sea" (what a nice pun, now you see how smart she is!). The pink flowers and the flowy texture both give us a summery feeling. The top is short enough for Raashi to show off her tiny waist, but the dress is long enough to cover most of the length of her legs. What a cool balance!


Raashi Khanna

One more sexy and lovely outfit, which would be fabulous for outings with friends. We love the tattered sleeves of her top and her white shorts, or mini skirt, whatever that is. And we also love what Raashi penned: “Have the courage to transform yourself, my darling, to what you desire.” Oh we already know that she has both look and brain, right?


Raashi Khanna

Talking about transforming herself, now Raashi has a surprising transformation. Into a striking bride, or a stunning fairy? In this lehenga, we may safely say that she turns into a dazzling angel!


Raashi Khanna

Another photo by the sea, which proves that Raashi has a superb taste of style. She chooses an alluring dress with the colour of summer sunshine and with a wide neckline that adds a sexy touch. Now, who can resist Raashi’s charm?


Raashi Khanna

Raashi is the definition of female strength here. With a tight-fitting top revealing her toned waist and a long A-line dress, she looks so strong that she makes us all feel motivated to go to the gym immediately. The striped blouse is the least feminine item here but it is a good finish to her fierce appearance.


Raashi Khanna

Now even Raashi wrote about herself: "I feel pretty!". Looks like she’s getting ready for an event? She looks classy and awesome in that dress of earthy tone. Call her a queen, or a diva, or a star. One thing for sure: she’d be the center of the attention no matter where she goes to.

Photo courtesy: Instagram/Raashi Khanna


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