10 Daring And Seductive Looks Pulled Off By Your Favorite Bollywood Actresses

Salena Harshini |May 04, 2020

These are the time the renowned Bollywood celebrities add the shock and awe element to their appearance with the daring and baring numbers.

It is unarguable that fashion plays a pivotal part in Bollywood and B-town actresses have been going beyond limits with their versatile sartorial choices. Among those, the look that probably turns the most heads is starlets in Bollywood bold dress.

They have surely stepped out of their comfort zones and given us the most appealing looks ever. Once they appeared with these outfits, fans and the media could not stop gorging at them.

Disha Patani Bollywood bold dress
Bollywood bold dress is not a rare scene to be seen

Now, let’s have a stroll along the most appealing numbers in our opinion to have a full scoop of the star’s sexiest dresses.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is the one to kick off our list. The actress has made a daring appearance several times and yet never failed to keep her elegance quotient. This back-baring and side breast-flaunting Tommy Hilfiger white dress is an example.

Deepika Bollywood bold dress
Deepika Padukone on the red carpet for Met Gala 2017

Also around that time, she donned a gold plunging gown which also showed off her breathtaking features.

Deepika Xander Cage Premiere Bollywood bold dress
Once again attracted all eyes at the "XXX: Return of Xander Cage" Mumbai premiere

Janhvi Kapoor

One of the most influential young entrants of B-town, Janhvi Kapoor has also shown up in her Bollywood bold dress and managed to make eyes wide open. That time she posed in this metallic gold dress is absolutely iconic.

Janhvi Kapoor Bollywood bold dress
Janhvi Kapoor is named in one of the stars with hottest Bollywood bold dress look

Priyanka Chopra

It seems that PeeCee has a thing for thigh-high slit and plunging necklines as she can often be seen in these types of numbers.

Priyannaka Chopra Bollywood bold dress
Priyanka Chopra's most recent daring look
Priyanka Nick Bollywood bold dress
Her husband Nick Jonas could also hardly take his eyes off her

Nia Sharma

The Jamai Raja actress made everyone starstruck by her bold cut dress at Zee Gold Awards 2016. It is understandable that people were astonished by her revealing and Bollywood bold dress.

Nia Sharma
Nia Sharma made heads turn with her extra bold look

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Sonam Kapoor

Knowing the strength of her admirable physique, Sonam Kapoor is also one of those who stole glances with her bold outfits.

Sonam Bollywood bold dress
Sonam Kapoor in a somewhat revealing outfit

Malaika Arora

The 46-year-old star knows just how to ace a daring outfit and this look of hers is definitely favored by many fans.

Malaika 2 Bollywood bold dress
Malaika Arora posed gracefully while flaunting her toned leg

Anushka Sharma

Sharing a big similarity to the piece of Malaika, this white dress also helped Anushka Sharma show off the best bits of her figure. The daring gown features sexy sheer fabric, making the look perfectly awe-striking.

Anushka Bollywood bold dress
She absolutely knows her most beautiful physical feature

Which one of these Bollywood bold dress is your favorite? Share with us in the comment section below!


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