Movie Mafias Are Discouraging Filmmakers To Work With Kangana Ranaut?

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 19, 2019

Kangana Ranaut after the major controversy is relaxing at Isha Foundation's ashram in Chennai.

Kangana Ranaut is meditating and living in an ashram at Chennai.

After a big controversy over her recent verbal fight with a journalist which also led to a media ban on her, Kangana during an interview with a leading newspaper claimed that Bollywood bigwigs and movie mafia are calling her co-stars to discourage them from working with her.

This controversy and her continuous potshots on media and industry bigwigs are worrying filmmakers and actors for sure.

Kangana 3

While responding to queries regarding her tussles which could affect producers, directors and others to which she said,


Kangana 1

Kangana Ranaut further said,


Kangana 3

Talking about the movie mafia and their alleged wrongdoings, Kangana Ranaut said,



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