Payal Rohatgi Gets Bail, Sangram Singh Opens Up About The Controversy

Imran Asif Fazal |Dec 19, 2019

Sangram Singh claimed that the entire controversy has been politically motivate. He supported Payal for speaking on behalf of common man.

Actress and former Bigg Boss contestant, Payal Rohatgi after spending a night in jail received bail from Bundi court. A complaint was lodged against Payal Rohatgi for posting an objectionable video on Jawaharlal Nehru and his family. She shared the video on Facebook and Twitter on 10 October. Congress party worker Charmesh Sharma had filed a case against her. Additional District Magistrate of Bundi court remanded her in Judicial custody and was granted bail a day later. Her fiance, Sangram Singh has finally opened up about the entire controversy.

Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh, a wrestler and a former Bigg Boss contestant supported her and claimed that the entire incident was created intentionally. It has to be noted that Payal Rohatgi openly supports left wing thoughts of the BJP government. This is not the first time that Payal Rohatgi has spread hatred through her social media accounts. Sources revealed that the actress is planning to enter into active political scene and is benefiting from the attention she has been receiving online.


During her arrest, Payal Rohatgi wrote on Twitter that she has been arrested by Rajasthan police and slammed the state government for violating her right to freedom of speech. Sangram Singh during an interview said that the case was lodged falsely and due to political interests. He further said that Rajasthan police should focus on heinous crimes in the state rather than concentrating on petty issues. He thanked everyone who have supported Payal during this incident both online and offline. He claimed that he is happy that the court took a right decision and granted her bail. These decisions should be taken democratically and not politically.


He further said that his fiance has not committed any crime and supported by saying that she stood for common man. He believes that speaking up on such issues are important but very few people speak about it. He further dubbed the incident as a proud moment in his life. He found Payal more stronger after this incident and said that she repeatedly told him that she has not done any mistake and has not done anything wrong. He blamed the right wing activists for creating a political controversy. He also termed complainant of the case as a blackmailer and fraud.


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