Writer Kanika Dhillon Confesses That She Was Harassed And Propositioned

Imran Asif Fazal |Mar 14, 2020

Kanika Dhillon believes that men judge women more and cannot digest the fact that women are growing in the industry.

One of the renowned screenwriter of the industry, Kanika Dhillon has faced lots of ups and downs. She was married to director Prakash Kovelamudi but they ended their relationship. They came together for film Judgementall Hai Kya which became a hit at the box office. In an interview, Kanika Dhillon spoke about the harassment and proposition faced by her in the industry. Kanika entered into the industry with her exceptional storytelling skills.

Kanika Dhillon1
The writer has claimed that she was judged by the industry due to her gender.

During the interview, she narrated about her struggling days and said that there was a moment when she felt like leaving the industry. She claimed of being harassed and facing inequality. She felt that her presence was only to be kept around as she was 'easy on the eyes.' However, she feels that after being made her feel unworthy because of her gender she decided to hit back harder to become highest paid writer in the industry. She always planned to be at a stage where she could charge more for her creative work.

Talking about it further, Kanika Dhillon spoke about how men judge success of women and fail to acknowledge her caliber. The writer said, "Somehow the first thing that they’ll say is, 'Oh, has she slept her way up?' I feel that the men who gossip like this, they actually do it in real life. They think that sleeping their way up is a great way to do it, hence you are projecting it on other people’s success and validating the other person’s position," said Kanika.

She also pointed out that the next time when someone hears a man from the industry even while cracking a joke that a certain woman is sleeping her way up. The person should immediately understand that the particular man is a predator. She said that men judge women more because they are insecure and scared about the growth of women in industry.


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