Kangana Ranaut Takes A Well-deserved Break After The Success Of "Judgementall Hai Kya"

Ariana Linh |Aug 07, 2019

After the success of "Judgementall Hai Kya", Kangana Ranaut takes a well-deserved break at her house in Manali. It's great to see an actress with such a down-to-earth hobby as gardening. Such an inspiration.

Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao amazed everyone with their top-notch performance in the recently released Judgementall Hai Kya.

Originally, the film was named Mental Hai Kya, but later got changed due to some complications with the Indian Psychiatric Society. After the organization filed a complaint to the Central Board of Film Certification, the movie's name was forced to change to what it is now.

Despite the change of title, the movie has performed well at the box office, earning a total of over 30 crore net so far. Along with its impressive revenue, this dark comedy was also well-loved by fans and film critics alike.

The Plot

Mental Poster
The poster for Judgementall Hai Kya. Source: Youtube.com

The plot of Judgementall Hai Kya centers around Kangana as Bobby Grewal. Bobby is a young woman who has been diagnosed with acute psychosis. Things take a turn when Rajkummar's Keshav and his wife move in as her new neighbor.

As the mental-wreck that she is, Bobby begins to stalk and spy on the couple. However, both Bobby and Keshav were not prepared for the murder that they were blamed for, and which they seemingly know nothing about.

Kangana enjoys her well-deserved break

While all the attention are set on the film, Kangana stayed out of the spotlight and spent some time enjoying the sunshine. According to reports, Kangana has always dreamed of having a garden, and from the pictures, clearly, she has put years of effort in the lawn and now it looks like flowery paradise.

What most impressive is, the actress seems to have nurture this whole scenery by herself. Just last year, her sister/manager Rangoli Chandel showed a picture of Kangana gifting a plant to herself on her birthday.

The photos clearly show Kangana's love and passion for nurturing a beautiful garden just for herself. While we've seen her in movies, it's great to see an actress with such a down-to-earth hobby. Such an inspiration.


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