Vanitha Made Serious Accusations Against Her Father Vijayakumar

Mina Muzumdar |Sep 21, 2018

Vijayakumar’s daughter Vanitha has published serious asscusations against her father amidst familial dispute. Vanitha is eldest daughter of Vijayakumar, who just has been evicted from her father house.

Vijayakumar’s daughter Vanitha has published serious accusation against her father amidst familial dispute. Vanitha is the eldest daughter of Vijayakumar, who just has been evicted from her father house

Vanittha accused Vijayakumar of assaulting by using his influence over police personnel

“They pushed me down, hit me hard in the face and head. A lady police also assaulted my daughter who had rushed to help me. She even spits on her,” she alleged. She also said that a police complaint can’t be filed against her when there is a case pending before the court.

Details On Vijayakumars Police Complaint Against H
Vanitha and father Vijayakumar feud over dispute house

Reportedly, the police evicted Vanitha from the rented house and arrested her friends who also stayed there.

Also, Chennai Suburban police took Anand Rajan in judicial custody based on Vijayakumar complaint on November 20. "The police arrested my husband on Tuesday, but there was no action on my complaint dated November 7," cries Vanitha.

Vanitha accused her father hired gangster and physically attacked her

Throwing light on the entire controversy, the Tamil actress said:


He has a good public image by playing a virtuous role in films and serials. No one would ever know that he has hired man to assault me and kick me out of my home. I don't know what I should do. I did not even claim a place to stay in his house because by right I could stay here.

Vanitha cried in an interview with media about her conflict with father

In addition, the actress alleged that Arun Vijay – her brother, and the husbands of both her sisters made this plan of throwing her into the street.

Vijayakumar’s daughter come up with factual evidence

According to Vanitha, she has provided factual evidence as Aadhaar card and other ID proofs.

Before that, Vanitha has also requested for help from the civil court. In her document, she claimed that she also contributes to the construction of her father house. Therefore, she refused to vacate a house where she has right to stay.


The feud over veteran Tamil actor Vijayakumar and Vanitha has occurred for years now.

Previously, Actor Vijayakumar eventually has filed a complaint against his eldest daughter. Vanitha is now a mother of three kids. She is currently directing a movie title “Daddy” in the disputed house.

The dispute residence is in Ashtalakshmi Nagar in Chennai.

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