Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.41 - Pooja Hegde Reveals Secret To Her Sizzling Physique

Mina Muzumdar |May 30, 2019

At the 46th place in Top 50 Most Desirable Women is the rising star Pooja Hedge, who is the second runner-up of Miss Universe India. In this article, the former beauty queen reveals her secret to her supermodel figure.

After being crowned the second runner-up at the Miss Universe India pageant in 2010, Pooja Hegde then made her debut in the film industry as soon as 2012.

Pooja Hegde

With her breath-taking beauty, her undisputed talent, the actress has cemented her standing in the industry and entered herself in the Top 50 Most Desirable Women 2018. In fact, it's undeniable that her glamorous appearance has opened up plenty of opportunity for Pooja Hegde.

Since her debut in 2012 Tamil film, Pooja Hedge has built up her career by starring in various films. In 2016, a great chance comes to her when she was selected for the heroin role besides Hrithik Roshan which awarded her The Best Debutant of the Year by Lux Rose Golden Award later.

Therefore, in this article, the gorgeous actress revealed to the reader the secret to her sizzling physique through diet plan, fitness routine and exercise tips.

How does Pooja Hedge stay in shape?

Every time Pooja Hegde appears in films or in the public, the actress always takes the best chance to showcases her supermodel figure. One of her method to stay in shape is a strict workout plan that she would follow regardless of her hectic schedule. The actress also revealed that her favorite exercise is Pilates and aerial flow yoga.

When she first stepped into the film industry, she is a thin model, however, her body transformation is really a sight to behold. Pooja Hedge also shared that her exercise habit helps her balance her weight while maintaining her sexy curves. Therefore, her itinerary always contains 4 exercise session per week.

Her most frequent exercise is treadmill walk, weight lifting, and cardio workout whereas she skips push-up exercise. Pooja Hegde also expands her work-out routine by adding various type of exercise like calisthenics, kickboxing beside pilates. Another must-followed rule for Pooja Hegde that she sticks with is 45-minute work-out every day.

Diet plan of a supermodel

Unlike most people thinking about diet mean restricting themselves from eating, Pooja Hegde reveals that she is a big food-lover, therefore she doesn't want to exclude anything in her diet. Her measure is to limit unhealthy food while maintaining adequate calorie intake. Below is her diet plan in detail:


  • A glass of fresh juice and toast slices/ Almonds and cereal.


  • Rice/ rote.
  • Vegetables.
  • A glass of juice.


  • Light dinner or easy-to-consume food.

Besides, Pooja Hegde shared the average time between her meal is two hours. Coconut oil and ghee are also part of her diet while avoiding junk foods. "Eat carbohydrates… and a bit of ghee helps add that glow to the face," Pooja said. Chocolates will be added to her menu as a way of treating herself with a favorite food.

Pooja Hedge's beauty tips

The first thing Pooja Hegde would recommend in her beauty tip actually her hobby of having a chocolate bar to keep her happy. And other than that, her must-have items in her bag include sunscreen, moisturizer, and lipstick. Her normal day begins with a good hair wash. In special occasions when Pooja Hegde attends big events or walks down the red carpet, the star of Top 50 Most Desirable Women 2018 love make-up fixing spray to maintain her look all day long.


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