Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna - Endearing Rainbow After The Stormy String

Nalini Suri |Sep 23, 2019

Without a shadow of a doubt, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have written the most endearing love story in Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples.

Akshay Kumar has been on top of the most-sought artists in every list and charts then Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples cannot be complete without his love story.

Not many people know that prior to Twinkle Khanna, the "Khiladi of Bollywood" used to pen his love affairs with several other ladies.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna

Folding the wrinkles of time, Akshay has been an all-rounder in many aspects including his romance with Twinkle Khanna. The glam world fails to blur his glory shining around the impeccable man for his career, body and a true man in the family.

While Akshay is one of the biggies in B-town and owes a distinct privilege of the nickname "Khiladi of Bollywood", Twinkle is a former actress and now turned to be an author.

The more important thing is leaving out their career in a corner, Twinkle always pays her energy in building a sweet home where Akshay can come back and cultivate a family together with her.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna

Time flies, what left behind is their love flaunting the most beautiful live story decades over decades. None other couples than Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna deserves to match the standards of Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples. Back in time to their admirable love story!

First meeting by the first chance to B-town

The two worked in the entertainment industry as an actor and actress so they got some certain chances to meet each other. Their first time to meet is through shooting for Filmfare magazine in Mumbai when Akshay touched the love at first sight.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna love story
Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples - Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's first meeting

The superstar revealed in an interview that:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna

But it’s just the beginning, their whole story in the next parts will make you fall in the historical spring blossoms.

Mutual attraction

- Akshay Kumar -

akshay kumar twinkle khanna

The handsome hunk loves her qualifications and characteristics rather than her beauty. How about Twinkle? This interesting fact will surprise you, which the actress-turned-author confidently stated that she would marry him if her movie Mela (2000) flopped at the box office. It was sad but true, the movie didn’t create magic at that time and they tied the knot soon then.

The beautiful yet low-key wedding

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna wedding

After the accidentally successful proposal, the couple saved their big day on January 7th, 2001 in a low-key ceremony. Unlike many celeb couples, the two just held the nuptial celebration in their friends as well as designer duo’s house under 50 people’s witness in 2 hours only.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna

Just a few Bollywood celebs attended their wedding including Aamir Khan, politician Amar Singh and director Dharmesh Darshan. Their love life has been going on and on with two lovely children Aarav and Nitara and built the faith, respect with mutual supporting.

Luck all the way after marriage

Luck is considered to come with who shows the pretty things so it came along the beautiful couple as a truism taking inspiration to all of us. The luck to them is not given by God, it’s from each of them do for their partner, like how Twinkle supported and stimulated Akshay to become a star in Bollywood sky.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna

The actor admitted his wife as his lucky charm, saying that:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna

He added:


Devotion from the husband to the wife

Always keeping a flame in a relationship is what we all want but the way our Khiladi expressed it weakened out knees one more time. During his film Special 26’s music release, he composed a song and sang for her by himself with all the heart. It’s not the romance anymore, above all, he was saying to the world how much he loves his wife and it would be the most expectable devotion for every woman.

akshay kumar twinkle khanna moments

From the deepest corner of his heart, Akshay shared:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna moments

In an interview with Hindustan Times, he fed the best words for his super-gorgeous wife:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna love story

Love affair doesn’t stay on one side when Twinkle also left the winged words to her warm-heart husband. The beautiful homemaker mentioned that he always put faith in her and stood by her side to emerge her when she filed to leave her career.

She said:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna moments

Revealing the romance over her relationship with the Bollywood star at the same time, Twinkle praised him by saying:


akshay kumar twinkle khanna moments

The moments, as well as quotations they have created for each other, have proved more strongly their position in Top 20 Bollywood Power Couples. Time is pending for them to write more romance in history and go hand-in-hand until the end of life.


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